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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Imprisoned for 10 Years for Covering Your Face? Lesser-Known Canadian Law is Worse than Hoodie Ban

Two years ago, a bill was passed quietly and on the sly. There was little done to prevent it because most had naively believed that the new law would not be used against law-abiding citizens. This law seems to be the most recent inspiration for the American version that had been used before it had even become law (an obscure 19th century version of the law had been used against Occupy Wall Street protesters and a version that specifically targeted the KKK was used against an officer who was protesting, but I suppose they had to update it so that it could properly apply to everyone), wherein protesters could be jailed for ‘only’ a year.

It seems Canada decided to one-up America at the time, when it comes to draconian prison terms for innocent behaviors at least, because this little-known law came with a ten year prison term.

In the wording of the law, wearing a mask (or any facial covering) while in an ‘unlawful’ assembly is against the law.

The politicians who had drafted the law had promised that it would not apply to protesters, since protests are technically legal. However, caveat emptor; the ten year prison sentence could well be used against lawful protesters as well and I am surprised that the Canadian people have not come to that realization, as further analysis of the law would have revealed.

Any protest deemed unlawful by the police, even if individuals are observed to be obeying the law, can result in a ten year sentence for protesters that cover their face.

Police may also deem any protest an unlawful assembly if it involves three or more people who, “disturb the peace tumultuously,” or even, “needlessly and without reasonable cause provoke other persons to disturb the peace tumultuously.”
Any mask or even neck-covering falls under the purview of this law, as well as RELIGIOUS coverings.
SOOO! Where going to let them decide what is legal or not??? Really?
Welcome to the new Canada....

I ride a bike, I and many others cover our faces all the time, so as not to eat bugs...(MMM! Proteins..lol.)
What's next? A full face helmet?

A state which is afraid of it's own population and installs conditions of control...will fall, it is...inevitable.

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