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Monday, March 23, 2015

I need #meninism because... Feminists up in arms..lol.

Hundreds Of Men Start A New Trend To ENRAGE Feminists, And It’s Working! #MENINISM
Feminists today are known for their repulsive behaviour, so it isn't hard to understand why so many would be against them. Somewhere along the line, “girl power” turned into constant man-hating and acting like vile animals for their “cause”.  Like in 2012, when the popular feminist group “Code Pink”donned pink homemade vagina costumes and perched outside the Republican National Convention. They were there to express their indignation at the GOP’s support for pro-life legislation. Feminists have become so crazed about issues like abortion, they are now calling abortion laws “forced motherhood” and “female enslavement”.  They claim that pregnancy is a nine month suspension of their civil liberties. With that kind of ridiculous mentality and obsession with what they consider “equality”, backlash is inevitable. (feminists consider stay at home mom as their enemies)

Hundreds of men have decided to respond to feminists, and start their own movement. It is an ANTI-feminism movement called “meninism”. It was created to mock feminists, but some have actually taken it very seriously. Men from all around the world tweeted to complain about the way they are treated. Questions like “why cant she open the door for me?”, and “why don’t guys under six feet get a chance? appeared with the hash tag “Meninst Twitter” and “yes all men”. It’s hard to tell who is joking and who is serious, but the trend is spreading like wildfire. Supporters of the hash tag say it’s become a channel for men to express the difficulties of being a man in the 21st Century.
One user tweeted, “Stop objectifying men. Real men have curves.”

Supporters of the controversial movement that opposes feminism, have now begun wearing ‘meninist’ T-shirts.
The online retailer Teespring.com has sold 615 shirts bearing the hashtag #MENINIST at $22.99 each. (article continues under ads)

Some have used the movement to point out female hypocrisy. Like why is it that a girl can ask a guys height, but if he asks her weight, he is in the wrong?

Feminist have become outraged, and they are not liking the taste of their own medicine. It has sparked a intense social media debate. A feminist in this tweet is called out by a fellow female. The feminist seems to be complaining about men just wanting to hijack their own version of feminism. The response she gets is priceless.

I love this site....lol...
27 Images That Prove Why The Meninist Movement Is Desperately Needed...
Because someone has to stand up for the little guys!
In my dealing with feminists of lanark county ontartio, I realise I was dealing with a sad side issue...
They all suffered from an extreme inferiority complex...especially against men, but also against women who did not put them on a pedestal, or did not agree with them...in other words, their lives is concentrated on negativity.
Doesn't matter where they worked, how much they make, they still lived under a dark cloud of self pity...
What do you do with such a small group of winning women who hate everyone around them?
You make fun of them...ridicule them, and expose what they represent and what they spew out of their yaps.

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