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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

History of African women...

Repost from Black women against feminism

Black Women must remember who they are!
The Queen Mothers, Goddesses, the Kandakas/Kandakes/Kdke of Kush/Aethopia/Nubia
Afrikan Women enjoyed a long lasting tradition of respect and elevated status and positions. The Position of God's Wife of Amun, and Goddess synonymous the respect and admiration given to the Black Womban.
King Taharqa, King Piankhi, and King Anlamani all showed a great reverence and emphasize of their mothers and wives in their coronation ceremonies and during their reign in power.This could never happen in Greece or Rome, as Women there could not even own property nor made decisions concerning the election of Kings.
Many western Scholars assumed this was matriarchy (since this is also a western concept) and from a European point of view this would mean dominance over Man...but in Afrikan culture Afrikan Men simply had Reverence of the Womban, her divinity, and how the Royal Lineage passed through her Womb. Afrikan societies understood the balance of Nature of Man and Womban as the Ancient People of this earth.
For example William Adams stated in (1977) "While Nubian Society was by no means Matriarchal, there can be no doubt that the Queens enjoyed an unusually HIGH place as both Consorts and as Dowagers...it must have been the prestige behind the scenes power enjoyed by the Nubian Queens which gave Rise to Roman tradition that Kush was governed by a hereditary line of Female rulesrs..."
Some European Scholars such as Starboro have tried to slander why there were Afrikan Queens/Kanakas, and would reference them as being large, fat etc...when infact figueres and pictures of these Queens/Goddesses were always Slender. When they showed the Kandakas slaying the enemy they were depicted as large, such as in the Pylon of the Apedemek temple...but when they showed the same Kanadakes worshiping Amon they were slender Womben. The size in battle was simply in the context of defeating the enemy in Action.
A famous story of that occured in 332 B.C.E. showed how one Army headed by a Kandaka (the Greeks called them Candaces) stoped Alexander the Great in his tracks from conquering Nubia. The "Black Queen Candace of Nubia," designed a battle plan to counter Alexander's the Greats invasion. As his army approached they were able to see the Kandaka and her army on Elephants...and as you know Nubians were known for their supreme Archery (Ta Marie literally means Land of the Bow) She placed her armies and waited on a war elephant for the Macedonian conqueror to appear for battle. Alexander approached the field from a low ridge, but when he saw the Black Queen's army displayed in a brilliant military formation before him, Alexander the "Great" turned his armies away from Nubia toward a successful campaign in Egypt.
So it is important for us to understand that Black Afrikan Women were held in high esteem in Afrikan culture...it was the Women in Rome and Greece who were oppressed, and very much desired to live in Afrikan Society.

As we can see....
It is western culture that oppresses women, including the divisive nature of western feminism.

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