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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Has the west lost it's morality.

False Western teachings about sexual morality

     Physics is not the only field where scholastic tyranny holds sway.  For the last half-century, secular universities in the West have twisted our children's view of sexuality by foisting "sexology" inspired by Prof. Alfred Kinsey-a sex pervert himself-on them.  But in this case, too, an honest scholar proved the secularists' "research" was fraudulent-and worse.

     In 1980 Dr. Judith Reisman told the Fifth World Congress of Sexuality in Israel how the new field of "sexuality studies" had built an entire "sex education" curriculum based on Prof. Kinsey's "research."  Then she revealed that his "findings" about small children's supposed desire for sex were a horrifying fraud based on "data" that he got from child rapists whose crimes he oversaw as part of his "research."

     Dr. Reisman's revelations angered the "sexologists."  They wanted to keep using Prof. Kinsey's faked "research" to guide universities, high schools and elementary schools in teaching our children their licentious sex lessons.  What's more, they wanted to impose his godless sexual immorality upon the whole world.

     In America, these academic "sexperts" succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.  Not only did they corrupt the morals of millions of children through "sex education" (even in many religious schools), but for years their Prof. Kinsey-based sex "science" has guided most members of America's Supreme Court.

Western pseudo-science's millions of victims

     What has the Supreme Court's "culture war" against Judeo-Christian morality brought us?  For one, pornography is everywhere, especially in the hands of young men and sex criminals.  What's more, every index of sexual health has collapsed since 1950, when American campuses began evicting Christian morals and handing our children over to Prof. Kinsey-spawned "sexologists."

     The American health system, which once faced two major venereal diseases (VD), now must deal with 30.  In 1950, less than one percent of young people had VD; today, 25 percent get it before they get their high school diplomas.  An estimated 40 to 50 percent of all American college girls now carry human papilloma virus (HPV), the leading cause of cervical cancer (HPV-caused cancer kills 4,000-plus Americans every year).

     What's more, more than a million Americans have HIV or AIDS.  Tens of millions suffer from incurable genital herpes.  Illicit sex is also a leading cause of self-hatred and suicide among young people.

     Worst of all, some 216,580 girls aged 15-19 kill their preborn babies through abortion every year.  Girls 15-18 who abort their babies are more than twice as likely as other girls to suffer depression, chronic anxiety and suicidal thoughts, according to the American Life League.  They also risk fatal hemorrhages or infections, punctured wombs, lacerated intestines, infertility and other serious injuries.

     And what is the "sexologists'" remedy for these horrors?  "Give young people more condoms!"  And more "sex education."  Let our $10 billion pornography industry make more XXX-rated films, too (Los Angeles is the pornography capital of the world).  Then make our kids watch these films in college courses that study pornography or film-making.

     Most of America's sexual pathologies, plus abortion and homosexual "marriage," stem from the teachings and writings of university-trained "sexologists."  And now strong contingents in the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association want to legalize adult-child sex-a crime that some advocates call "intergenerational intimacy."

How to safeguard your children from Western professors' lies

     American legislators and private donors keep handing billions of dollars to publicly funded universities that teach these falsehoods.  And the universities' "soft-science" departments keep hiring ideologues who teach this insanity.

     These people act as leaders in opinion-making on campus, by controlling academic senates and other powerful groups.  It is they who keep pseudo-science in power in academia.  The last thing they want American children to learn about is the work of the Dr. Spitzers and the Dr. Reismans.

     American universities have served as Prof. Kinsey's disciples by establishing "gay" studies, radical-feminist "women's" studies, etc., that are hostile to the traditional family.  By capturing the curriculum, these "sexologists" have succeeded in spreading their ideology to such areas as law and medicine.

     These academic frauds also masterminded the dismantling of America's healthy laws against nude "entertainment," sex clubs, orgies, and other pathologies.  They did this by swaying a majority of our Supreme Court judges with their fraudulent "research."  Laws that outlawed seduction, abortion, pornography, sodomy and adultery all fell in the same way.
"Without God...everything is permitted" (The Brothers Karamazov).

Welcome to Ontario. Might not agree with everything up there, but he makes a valid point, when the state took it upon themselves to usurp parents rights, all h*ll broke loose. No wonder the young are committing suicide at an alarming rate, they don't know where they belong any-more and those who have caused it, don't give 2 sh*t about it.

And if you dare to question, your called names...or brushed aside.
Liberal MPP shuts down Scarborough meeting as hundreds of parents challenge Wynne’s sex ed 
 It' sinister that adults “want to talk about oral and anal sex to 10 and 11 year olds.” Convicted child pornographer Ben Levin was involved in developing the curriculum, McGregor pointed out, adding. “There’s a pedophilia spirit behind it.”
When a reporter remarked that was a strong statement, McGregor asked how she would feel if someone wanted to teach her 11-year-old daughter about anal sex. The reporter looked startled and after a pause said she didn't have a daughter. 

Let's be honest about all this, a few are imposing their personal views on the rest of ontario.
I would have to say the liberals should have known better to push this at this time, since levin had a hand in all this. They did this now because they figure we will forget by the next election, I say they better enjoy their 4 years, because that's all they will get...
What the ontario provincial government is doing right now with it's imposition of this sex ed on families without parental consultation is a prefect example of what we mean when we say they usurp parental rights. It's the family that strengthens a society, it is the state that weakens it when they by-pass this simple rule.

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