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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Feminazis Want To Replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 Bill with this racist scum-bag.

The leftist group, Women On 20s, has decided that the $20 bill is totally outdated. So outdated that they want to replace Andrew Jackson’s image with the racist abortionist Margaret Sanger.
Or maybe you’d know her better as the founder of the number one baby killing institution in America, Planned Parenthood.
By the way, I totally wasn’t exaggerating with that whole racist claim. In her book, “The Pivot of Civilization,” she wrote that blacks were “human weeds” and that minorities in general were “human beings who never should have been born.”
But see? She’s a feminist HERO, you guys. Don’t ask me how. It’s so easy for liberals to forget history. Her being a feminist hero is almost as laughable as commending the Democratic Party for pushing the Civil Rights movement.
What about Susan B. Anthony? Elizabeth Cady Stanton? Hello? Anyone?
Revisionist history. Forget the truth. Repeat lies. Soon everyone believes it. 
Story Credit to COTR

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