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Monday, March 16, 2015

Does the theory of evolution have a start in creationism?

A New Species Discovered?
One great example is a discovery that was made just over a year ago where researchers discovered what looks to be an entirely new species of hominin that is currently unknown to modern day science. The discovery was made in a Siberian cave.

A DNA analysis of the subject’s genome detected traces of what is known as a “Denisovan,” who are considered to be the mysterious cousins of the Neanderthals. The alarming part is the fact that the genome also contains odd bits of DNA which seem to come from a completely unknown, unidentifiable group of “people.”

The genome from a Neanderthal was also analyzed from the excavation, and the results suggest that interbreeding occurred among members of multiple ancient human-like groups in Europe and Asia more than 30,000 years ago, “including an as yet unknown human ancestor from Asia.”

“What it begins to suggest is that we’re looking at a Lord of the Rings type world – that there were many hominid populations.” - (1) Mark Thomas, evolutionary geneticist at University College London.

Again, Neanderthal and Denisovan’s are believed to have bred with anatomically modern humans, thus contributing to the genetic diversity of many people today. That being said, this new discovery suggests that our genetic diversity is far more complex, and again, includes a being (or beings) that has yet to be identified.

“The best explanation is that the Denisovans interbred with an unidentified species, and picked up some of their DNA. Denisovans harbour ancestry from an unknown archaic population, unrelated to Neanderthals.”  (2) – David Reich of Harvard Medical School

First of all, let's remember what theory really means...as in theory of evolution.
: an idea that is suggested or presented as possibly true but that is not known or proven to be true.
Basically, it means they don't really know and are guessing.
If we believe in evolution without creation it open more questions than not...
They try very hard to impose their guesses as fact, saying all is well, we know where everything began, and the matter is closed.
I always asked myself, if it began with the big bang, where does that come from? It just had to come from somewhere.

They theorise humans came from monkeys, they came from lizards, which came from a fish, from crustation, from cells, so on so on....
If there is no such thing as evolution without creationism, why didn't the dinos evolve in all the time they had, hundreds of millions of years, into an intelligent lifeforms? The theory of evolution would demand it wouldn't it?

I don't believe the world was created a few thousands years ago, it did on the other hand evolve from creation. so who created life, the infinity of the universe, can it ever be explained? Not from a scientific point of view unless one subscribe to a "theory", which in itself is contradictory since it cannot be proven...As media always push on us that the argument is over, all is well, all is proven fact...
Believe blindly in the media and we stay ignorant.

There are many instance that point to life on Mother Earth been extremely violent at time, there has been multiple extinctions and rebirth...
Cities that "might" go back to 30, 40 thousand years...found off the coast of India...
(and no, I do not believe it was aliens)
In other words, life is never what they theorise.

The point is, as we see in the post above, the chart, which according to them explains man's ascension to intelligence is not what they claimed, so what else do they get wrong....what they claim, that we all began at the top of a tree eating bananas was never my beliefs, it had to begin towards creation...
If we where chosen by the Creator to populate this world, then we had to be chosen from all other life form to have intelligence, the will to build and pass on a better life to those who came afterwards...this is not the realm of any other species on Earth.
As we can see above, accepting the definition of humanity as closed and resolved by "theory" is been ignorant of other facts that points to creationism first and eventual evolution....
Otherwise we are just tax paying robots, here to provide for those who claim to be better...and some of those are really messed up when we look further into their personal lives.
That is their gains from the theory of evolution and that is why they are pushing hard the idea that they (elitist) are better than the rest of us....
Because if we start believing the person next to us is no better than we are, then that promotes true equality and God forbid that ever happens...The elitist society we live in today would fall like a house of cards.

TNC does not promote any religions, but spirituality does offer inner peace.

WE did not evolve from a monkey(LOL)
but was put here by the Great Spirit, Creator of all things.

What we have learned from those who came before us,
are the gifts we pass on to the young.

Note; We at TNC are NOT professional writers, we only offer opinions and a different way of looking at things. Considering the path this world is taking, diseases, greed, hate, wars, divisions, we must look at life with an open mind, everything we pass on, will have an effect on our future and the future of the human race...
and especially our children.

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