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Monday, March 16, 2015

Countries Avoid Controversy, Reject Abortion at Women’s Conference

Feminists having a Conniption...
How dare they not bow to our way of thinking....

NEW YORK, March 13 (C-Fam) This year – the 20th anniversary of the Beijing Women’s Conference – thousands of delegates and civil society representatives are gathered in New York to assess 20 years of progress on women’s issues.

Rather than haggle late into the nights as is done each year at the UN Commission on the Status of Women, countries adopted a political declaration on the first day of the two-week conference. It makes no mention of sexual and reproductive health or rights, terms linked to abortion and sexual issues.

Feminist groups were angry the declaration – (OH! Boo hoo) that they called “bland” – was finished before they arrived in New York. They called it a “political failure” for not recognizing feminist organizations, among other complaints. (That's because their time is up)

Trade unions demanded governments consult with them and women’s groups in future meetings, and ensure other privileges, such as the UN’s new development goals must require teachers be “professionally trained” – a move that would discriminate against homeschool mothers, humanitarian workers or qualified women without a teaching degree.

In their opening statement, African nations emphasized they “reject abortion to be promoted as a method of family planning” while welcoming the “consensual understanding between partners” on the number and spacing of children.

Yet they are also “concerned by the spread and use of harmful contraceptives for African women” and want methods “that are not detrimental to women’s health.”

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