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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Chelsea Clinton: Men must 'lead the way' to gender equality. I thought they didn't need us? Wouldn't it be better to speak with one voice?

So if women are so strong and independent, then why do men have to help them? I know lots of strong women and they don't need anyone's help. What is wrong with these feminist half-wits? They're admitting they're weak!

So much for strong women rising up and bringing down the patriarchy.
During an interview with Fortune, Chelsea Clinton (daughter of Bill and Hillary) claimed that around the world men must be the ones to lead the way to gender equality.
"We've seen some real cultural normative shifts — and candidly it often has to be men who lead the way," Clinton said when asked specifically about gender equality in Japan. "In countries where we've seen real declining rates in child marriage, of female genital mutilation, it has always been the result of a real cross-sector coalition [with men leading]."

Heforshe from emma watson,  now this, they admit freely they can't do it without us  but sh*t on us every chance they get. On one hand we read this, on the other in ontario, wynne basically call all men rapists.
Now tell me these feminists are not totally f*cked up.

We must realise not all women think this way, as not all men are rapist as old line feminists like wynne tries so hard to impose on us, the thing is, unless we see each other as humanity with all its goodness and imperfections, nothing will ever be done, because we're to involved in fighting each other while they gain financially from our division, and in the end, that's what it's about power and money. Instead of falling into the feminist trap and making all this about the fight between genders, let's look at each other as human beings responsible for the welfare of children.
The paragraph below exposes the idiocy of siding with feminism and their manginas, they fight tooth and nail for, and with the co-operation of corrupt family court, women have total control of the custody battles and win 90% of the time, wouldn't they be more equal if they concede custody to father 50% of the time? Doesn't shared parenting offer more freedoms to women?

Mothers speak up for their sons – and enrage hardline feminists
I can still remember when the feminist line was “women don't need any help from men”. Now the new line is #HeForShe, a hashtag encompassing the new calls for men to assist women – at least in theory. Writer Neil Lyndon recently commented on one disconnect between words and action in The Telegraph. After describing his own difficult efforts at being an equal parent, he wrote:

"It’s open to question, in my mind, whether women, as a whole, are persuaded of their civic duty to cede full rights of equality to fathers...Surely it must be obvious that women cannot be fully equal in the wider society and at work if they are also expected to be the parents who take care of children most of the time? Unless men are fully equal as parents, it will always remain impossible for women to be fully equal in the world.”

Declared feminists work hard to suppress dissent. But some of us are highly motivated to make sure the dissent is heard. Our sons have too few who will speak for them.

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