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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Belgium to join other European nations, opens battered men shelter. Beginning of the end of anti male radical feminism?

Belgium to open shelter for male victims of domestic violence
Belgium is set to open its first shelter for men abused through domestic violence, according to reports.

The shelter will open in March and provide housing, care and social services for three months to male victims of physical or psychological abuse, according to officials fron the Belgian organization Support Group.

Support Group spokeswoman Helen Blow told local media on Thursday: "Traditional refuges for men are usually geared towards homeless men."

"In the new shelter, we will provide security and work on the domestic violence situation."

The location of the shelter, which will consist of two flats, in the northern city of Mechelen has not been disclosed.

"Only time will tell whether this will be enough," Blow said.
One in 20 men is believed to be victims of domestic abuse in Belgium.

Belgium has passed laws and adopted policies to prevent, investigate and prosecute domestic violence and protect victims, including a National Action Plan, according to a Human Rights Watch report in 2012.
Feminists not happy...
Belgium has joined Turkey, the Netherlands and Norway, amongst others, and decided to join the 21st century. Realising equality is not a gender based issue but a human one, also where there is domestic violence against men you can count your cookies that children are also involved. Therefore the opening of such shelters for men, not only protects them against violent women, bur kids also.
We, in Canada, especially in Ontario, since the provincial government is now headed by a radical feminist, have 4 years to wait to join the rest of the world, until we kick her out, if she is not kicked out before the end of her mandate since she is surrounded by corruption
In the past week we have seen where she plans to go with her anti-male rhetoric, foregoing reality that violence of any kind "by any gender" usually involve kids, with the latest TV add she plans to falsely promote...in other words, "it's all men's fault" bullsh*t...the same type of policy which has been proven time and time again as been feminist promoted lies for mainly financial or in this case ideological gains...
(Fact and reality: men as a whole, most of us, strong f*cking majority, does not look kindly to those who assault our wives, daughters, mothers, sisters, women in general and especially kids, they can't even be safe in jail.)
Domestic violence is not done by majority of men or women for that matter, but close to equal between males and females. As for those who do resort to violence, it is not a gender issue but the acts of "individuals" of both sexes.
As for sexual assaults....
Let's remind these people the victims they seem to forget...
Female sex offenders 1
Female sex offenders 2
Female sex offenders 3

Opening more men's shelter against DV is a great policy, the more shelters for men open, the more feminists anti-male agenda will be exposed, the more it will show domestic violence also encompasses children. Like I said, where there is DV against a father and husband, more than likely a child is also involved and both must have a place to seek help and be protected.
The radical feminist talking point that "all men bad and rapists" promotes violence against kids since they refuse to admit women can also be violent, therefore puts them in harms way, which makes them...child abusers.
Radical feminists who come out of the radical left universities like the premier of Ontario are a fading breed, still dangerous, "obviously", but on their way out, by the way of realistic people and politicians who have realise that they are a detriment to equality and especially the protection of our kids, and definitely not a benefit.
Riding ourselves of such a destructive force of negative views and anti-male agenda can only advance us towards a just society, promoted by a former PM, P.E. Trudeau. (Let's see if the son follows in the father's footstep)
It might take us a while yet to rid ourselves of a group who has their past in racism and anti life policies, but by pushing for things like men's shelters, it will slowly show, DV is never a gender issue but an act perpetrated by an individual choice of both sexes.
That is the way to destroy the feminist myth "men all bad", also asking politicians of both sexes if they see themselves as male rapist or see the men in their lives as such...
Which the premier of Ontario seems to imply with her latest add.

The eradication of radical feminism is a must if we are to have a just society.
Since they refuse to see the realities.

Unlike radical feminists, TNC does not judge all women to be violent....but accepts them as our equals.
After all, we do have mothers, wives, daughters, sisters...and we want them to be who they want to be, not what others dictate they should be.


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