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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

BEAUTIFUL VIDEOS. Daddy's are important. Every daughter needs one, every son needs one

There are many of these pro-family commercials made by western companies who do business in Asia, question is, why haven't we seen them in this part of the world?
Promoting the importance of family life and especially fathers...
Afraid they might offend the sensibilities of the local feminists??? (A.K.A.; the local harpies?)
What the hell is wrong with the western world? 
Why is it, families and fathers have now become a forbidden subject?
Just to please twisted agendas?
To please those who are destroying our way of life and who gave us the society we have today...
As touching as those commercials are, it's disturbing these companies will promote family life in the east yet avoid it here...
I am totally disgusted....

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