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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

This is interesting..."I Don’t Want to Hire any more Women".

Yes, I said it. You cringed when you read it and I cringed when I wrote it, and even more so when the thought first occurred to me. I am a woman, a feminist, a mother, and a passionate entrepreneur. I don’t just stand for equality – I have crashed the glass ceiling in every aspect of my life. I get extremely angry when I come across articles that insist there are gender differences that extend beyond physiology. I am fortunate to have had female role models who taught me through their own examples that I can accomplish absolutely anything I desire.
Over the years, I have hired outstanding women – educated, intelligent and highly articulate. Yet, I am exhausted. I have become profoundly tired of being a therapist and a babysitter, of being drawn into passive-aggressive mental games and into constantly questioning my own worth as a manager. I have had several women who quit to stay home to “figure out what to do next”. No, not to stay home and care for children, but to mooch of a husband or a boyfriend while soul searching (aka: taking a language class or learning a new inapplicable skill that could be acquired after work). Incidentally, I have not had a single male employee quit with no plan in mind.
I have had women cry in team meetings, come to my office to ask me if I still like them and create melodrama over the side of the office their desk was being placed. I am simply incapable of verbalizing enough appreciation to female employees to satiate their need for it for at least a week’s worth of work. Here is one example to explain. My receptionist was resigning and, while in tears, she told me that although she was passionate about our brand and loved the job, she could not overcome the fact that I did not thank her for her work. It really made me stop in my tracks and so I asked for an example. “Remember when I bought the pictures with butterflies to hang in the front? And you just came and said ‘thank you’? That is a perfect example!” – “Wait”, I said, “So, I did thank you then?” – “Yes! But you did not elaborate on what exactly you liked about them! Why didn’t you?” She had bought them with the company credit card and I actually did not like them at all, but I digress.
Read the rest here...Please. And remember, this was written by women...not men, or mra's or mrm's, or any male whatsoever....
TNC does not believe all women are "drama queens", or moochers off husbands and BF, but we do believe those who are or have adopted the feminist mantra live life as if they are entitle and when they find reality is not what they where told, then they become whinny little ....(Add word here).lol

Are Ugly feminists trying to ban good looking women?

You can see true feminist art, the crap they call art anyway at 1.48 min. of the video...yikes...
As for them trying to ban booth babes cosplayers....
I leave you with this....booth babes
You see booth babes are free to dress the way they want, because they, unlike the jealous feminists, are very good looking and especially...secure in who they are and safe to do so... and that infuriates the inferiority complex of the ugly feminist...
As the video explains, this is parallel to the policies of hitler, stalin and their hero mao....
Any kind of censorship is by all definition, a negative on a free society...
Some local feminist lawyer asked me last year the definition of a feminazi, well little girl, censorship is...
Also, jazz hands, a scientists shirt, jealousy of other women, on and on...

Personally, women can dress the way they want, cosplay is fantasy and I doubt very much they dress like that every day or call themselves sluts to prove a point, they are classy and does that put them in danger of been raped, not in one bit...I looked it up and no female participating in it ever got assaulted because of the way she dresses.

As a rule, women usually go about their day just like anyone, working, taking care of their families, loving those around them, and unlike the ugly feminist, are secure in who they are...
TNC support, respects and defends the true values of the most lovely of God's creation....
Dumb-ass feminists...

Monday, March 30, 2015

The world around us, created by the lowly feminists.

 Girl, 13, lies about rape by grandpa
A teenage girl made up a story that her grandfather raped her several times to get back at her father and his family, a court has found, finally bringing to an end the pensioner’s three-year ordeal.
The man, now 68, was cleared of charges of raping the teenager. Although there was no ban on publication of the man’s name, it is not being published to protect the identity of the girl who was 13 when she made the claims in 2012. The girl also has psychiatric problems and spent time at Mt Carmel Hospital.
The pensioner used to mind the girl for a couple of hours a day while her father, who was separated, was at work. She embellished her story with claims that he forced her to participate in various sexual acts with him.
The pensioner vehemently denied the allegations, but the police still took the decision to proceed on the basis of the girl’s statements.
However, Magistrate Audrey Demicoli ruled that the girl had fabricated the story because she was fed up with her father’s discipline and wanted to live with the mother instead.

This is getting disturbing and disgusting..It's becoming too easy to make false accusations, and they ask why we are running away from it all(MGTOW).
We can do so much...on the other hand, it's up to "NORMAL"  ladies who do not suffer from an inferiority complex the way feminists do...to stop this...
The rules are becoming simple...
And if you call yourself a feminists, you will be identified as a man hater...
Hope you enjoy you later years with your cats...
No ones safe anymore not even our Elders.
What does that say of the rest who say nothing?

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Canada; Students barred from campus event because they're white

First-year journalism students Julia Knope and Trevor Hewitt, who are white, attempted to attend the meeting, but were asked to leave by group organizer Chrys Saget-Richard.

“Julia and I walked into the room and after about four seconds, was approached by Saget-Richard and asked if we were there for the meeting. I answered yes. Saget-Richard then asked me if we had ever been racialized before. I replied that no, I had not,” Hewitt explained to Campus Reform.

It was at this point Hewitt and Knope explained to the organizers that they were attending the meeting as part of a class assignment.

According to Hewitt, “Saget-Richard then explained that the room was a safe space and that if we had not been racialized we would have to leave.”
Read more here...

Let's make it simple, as we, normal people know, any kind of racism against anyone no matter the color is racism against all, and promotes hate and discrimination....
Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, is now know as promoting racism......

How the hell can humanity evolve or advance under these circumstances???
Maybe it is a good idea some other specie takes over and humanity goes extinct, we don't seem to be getting any better, we fight each over the menial of things and the few laugh at us while taking anything they want...
In the meantime, people go hungry, are sick when they should not be, inadequate housing, wars with no end....
Some of the human race have become so small it's almost laughable....

They seem to have forgotten what is the reason we are here...

 Took the picture and left the child....???

Maybe they'll do better....Can't do any worse....

Let's all have a sense of pity for that poor misunderstood human creature AKA the feminists. Got your jazz hands ready??

As we posted last week, feminists at a conference recently asked attendees to avoid clapping because it "triggered" anxiety. You see, poor things,  today's feminists are fragile, delicate victims who cannot possibly be expected to cope with the horrific tradition known as applause. 
So to the lowly unappreciated cat loving feminist suffering from an inferiority complex, we offer this alternative;

Everyone is confused with this one....

Jazz hands, gays, race, scientist shirt, and every thing else in between, this is a day in the life of a poor misunderstood feminist...
Go ahead, call yourself a feminist, all need to laugh....Even the CATS.

Not a clump of cell is it? Baby in the womb claps hands.

Life does not begin at birth, but at conception...
Yes I know, the audio was added after, and it was edited to fit the song, but the clapping and the happy parents is real.
This is what unites us, this is what makes a nation...strong.

At least baby is not doing jazz hands...lol.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Schools run by paedophiles? And Abortions, the systematic murder of babies.

School Made 11-Year-Old Girls Pull Down Their Pants For Disgusting Inspection

Parents and students alike are furious after a public school in Gustine, Texas, forced kids to drop their pants for a partial strip-search.
The bizarre action was taken by the school over what they called a “feces-related inspection.”
Gustine Elementary school officials say that they routinely find the gym floor smeared with human feces. In an effort to find out who has been doing it, they sent the boys to one room and girls to another and made them strip down.
One parent told local Fox 8 News that this was allegedly “to see if they could find anything.”
But this was a basic violation of privacy as well as human dignity, and it was well beyond the rights granted to the school.
One of those strip-searched was 11-year-old Eliza Medina who told local reporters that she felt “violated.”
She explains that she went along with the strip-search because she “didn’t have a choice in the matter.”
“I felt uncomfortable and I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want to, but I had to because all the kids had to.”
The district superintendent agreed that the mass strip search was “not appropriate.” 

This is happening too many times just to be..."AN INSPECTION"...
Since when did parents, the primary caregivers of all children ever give permission to anyone to do this crap?...
This child abuse under the guise of "teachers are co-parents" has to stop...
They are not co-parenting with us and it's time to let them know, there is more of us than those paedoes....
(what else do you call someone who does this to a child?)
It's not hard to call a parent when they have a problem with a student, it would show a hell of a lot more respect than a strip search, embarrassing them to a point of stress and even depression.
Family, parental and children's rights should always take first place above anything else, we know better, we know the workings of the home, the character of our children and the limits and capabilities of our families....since they don't, mistakes are always made.

As for abortions...respect for life is an important part of continuing the species, if we don't show some degree of compassion for it, life will rebel against us. We are heading towards a path where we don't fully understand the ramification of our actions, if we only took a minute to think about what some are doing, or imposing, instead of running into it blindly, we might have a chance to survive, if we don't, if we treat life itself as nothing more than a clump of cells as feminists call babies, the lack of respect for it will come back to haunt us in the long run.
New York Assembly Passes Bill Allowing Shooting Babies Through the Heart With Poison to Kill Them "The abortion bill would allow an abortion procedure that has abortionists shooting poison through the hearts of unborn children to kill them."
One of our most precious laws is "though shall not kill", forget the religious implication for a minute, we don't need it to know that this is the primary law of nature implanted in our existence and in our souls... Poison in a heart is "MURDER".

Some look at life the same way as a material property, to be tossed away if they don't want to go through the process of been simply human, caring from the heart instead of the pocketbook. Comparing babies to a car, a house, a computer or an xbox is not the way we where meant to behave, life was never meant to be compared to a thing, it was given to us, over all others, to be a responsibility. And when we fail in that responsibility, we fail in our very own future...For without respect for natural laws, it will all turn on us, which has slowly started and will only get worse as time goes by.....
It is now a fact that male and female fertility is on the decline, one only has to look at the money been spent on artificial insemination...

There is no way, our society will survive under the f*cked up rules they are imposing on us and our kids...no one will want to defend such a screwed up nation...
This is state sponsored CHILD ABUSE.

Let's face it, when the life of one person is superseded by killing another, we have failed in following some degree of moral value and natural laws we are expected to live by as a specie, both must be equally respected, it does include the mothers life as well as the child. We cannot offer human rights  to one at the expense of another. (Let's include the rights of all in a traditional family, father's opinions must be taken into account since it still does take two to tango. Unlike what feminism believe, babies do not magically appear from a stork or a test tube, one cannot exist without the other, that is still an undeniable reality. But that's another issue for another day.)
When a nation fails it's children it will fail as a state...
It is...inevitable...
Protecting the future of our kids is why humanity exists, there is no other viable reason, not materialistic or otherwise. If we fail in our primary mandate given to us by the Creator of all life, we fail as a species and will be replaced.
Animals show more compassion for their young than they do...
The path to extinction is a disrespect for life, and it all begins with the way we treat our children...

This is what I was thoughts by my Elders, those who came before me...
This is also what was install in my heart at birth, and will take with me when my circle is full and it's time for me to go join my family.
Nothing will replace the natural laws given to me...respect for life always comes first....
Children are not a possession, but a gift....
 And by the way....to those who sends me hate mail...(not that it matters but...)

Friday, March 27, 2015

Get off Facebook if you value your privacy

If you don’t want your personal info pored over by the US authorities, close your Facebook account – such is the reassuring advice given by the European Commission to the European Court of Justice.

Judges yesterday grilled the Commish legal service in a case that could topple the 15-year-old EU-US data-sharing agreement known as “Safe Harbour”, a streamlined process developed by the US Department of Commerce and the EU, designed to prevent accidental information disclosure or loss.

Because the US in general does not meet EU standards for data privacy, the Safe Harbour (not worth the paper it's written on) workaround was dreamed up by the Commish in 2000, with the deal creating a voluntary framework whereby companies promise to protect European citizens’ data.

In the current case, a group called Europe v Facebook, led by privacy activist and “Angry AustrianTM” Max Schrems, alleges that Facebook violated European citizens' “fundamental rights” (defined in the European Convention on Human Rights) by transferring their personal data to the US National Security Agency (NSA)..
Read more here...


Does this happen in your neighborhood you may ask? 
Well...do bears sh*t in the woods?

The last generation fought against this, this generation allowed it by been made fearful of everything by governments. Fear is a powerful tool, and in the past 20 years, they made some guy on a camel using a cell phone and an ak47 as the most dangerous thing against our freedom and democracy, in the process, this generation gave up it all up for security...
Does this make any sense to anyone???
The web can also be powerful tool to promote free speech, but it can also be used to take it away...
Who will win this battle in the long run depends on how people are willing to give up said freedom for security...
Historically, governments are not known to promote freedoms on their own. (Quebec City protester shot in face with tear gas canister. They have to be "controlled" by it's people and when we give up this fight, we give up everything our grandparents fought for.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Explaining feminism, manginism, LBGTIQQAABBQ, lonely homely cat lovers....etc...

A Lexicon of Social Justice

The unfortunate biological reality that some people are bigger and stronger than others
The internalised misogyny of Mother Nature
The awkward reality that most people aren't gay. Can be remedied with the proper social conditioning
Critical theory
Death threats
Mean tweets
Dominant culture
The stuff people actually like. Not to be confused with taxpayer-funded lesbian performance art, which would surely break all Box Office records if only more people went to see it
Used to mean giving everyone a fair chance; now means enforcing 50-50 quotas in jobs women don’t want to do in order to punish men for being good at maths and physics
Misandry masquerading as a fight against oppression and prejudice on the basis of sex; what unattractive men and women do to get attention
A word the general public doesn't really understand. Used to defend feminists who prefer shot-putting to ballroom dancing and to pretend that this is normal and that they have every chance of some day finding a boyfriend
Glass ceiling
My career isn’t doing as well as I think it should be, because I’m an insufferable, hateful, jealous bore, and I am looking for someone to blame
A debate strategy: when you’re losing an argument about feminism, call your opponent racist or, even more damningly, capitalist
Gays and lezzers
Ugh, even we have no idea
I launched myself at an unsuspecting member of the public while yelling “SEE, PATRIARCHY!” and sadly he didn’t have time to dodge out of the way so we both went down
See ‘misogyny’
What about my fucking handbag?
A writer insufficiently talented to attract attention on his or her own merits, forced to resort to identity politics
Imaginary slights, to be conjured in the absence of genuine grievance
I am a feminist who got beaten by a man in an argument and I'm pissed
I failed the interview
A word to use when you don’t get your own way, however unreasonable your statements or demands. See also: “Waaaaaaaaaah!”, “IT’S NOT FAIR!”, “Dad, I hate you!”
A monthly donation website; the internet equivalent of a begging bowl in the subway. Best utilised after an extensive press tour in which you complain about “threats” and “abuse” (q.v.) following your vital work (blog posts whining about structural heteropatriarchal capitalist oppression), whether or not you are able to provide evidence of said threats. (Journalists won’t care either way.) Gullible halfwits and men desperate for sex will donate money to you to prove they’re “not all like that” and in the hope of a hand job
Someone commented on my blog post
Police report
What to say when you’re losing an argument to scare an interlocutor into silence
Some people have opinions that aren't ours. These can be stamped out or silenced with enough grievance-mongering and intimidation on Twitter
What white middle-class feminists have and their victims don’t
I can probably spin a blog post out of this
Rape culture
Does not exist
Rape threats
Very mean tweets
Safe space
A blog with the comments turned off
Best avoided
A feminist who has been disagreed with who is currently arranging television and radio interviews
Social justice
System of oppression
More than one person disagreed with me on the internet
A psychiatric disorder re imagined as a “civil rights issue” because we've literally run out of things to complain about
How college students avoid homework
Wage gap
A useful bit of mythology, to be repeated at all times so no one notices that actually women under 30 earn more than men for the same work
Monkey say's; "taking over will be easier than I thought"...lol.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

BEAUTIFUL VIDEOS. Daddy's are important. Every daughter needs one, every son needs one

There are many of these pro-family commercials made by western companies who do business in Asia, question is, why haven't we seen them in this part of the world?
Promoting the importance of family life and especially fathers...
Afraid they might offend the sensibilities of the local feminists??? (A.K.A.; the local harpies?)
What the hell is wrong with the western world? 
Why is it, families and fathers have now become a forbidden subject?
Just to please twisted agendas?
To please those who are destroying our way of life and who gave us the society we have today...
As touching as those commercials are, it's disturbing these companies will promote family life in the east yet avoid it here...
I am totally disgusted....

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Holy sh*t, couldn't stop laughing...Thanks to the ridiculous yet always clownish feminist.

When you see a feminist, be sure to say thank you for this one...
Are you ready???
Clapping triggers anxiety, so feminists at a conference demanded people jazz hand....hehehe...
What is jazz hand you may ask? Well...
F*ck I almost wish I was kidding or it was from the Onion.
Someone please check what these harpies are drinking, because something is in the juice...
Clapping causes anxiety so...Jazz hands...
That said, it's time like these when I am glad feminism exists, sometimes they are good for something, we all need to laugh once in a while.

Fall of western society; college safe space and day care for adults.

According to this, a column by Judith Shulevitz in the NYT says that college kids are demanding "safe spaces" where any speech that could potentially hurt their precious feeeeeeelings is banned.

I'm not even making that up.

Examples Shulevitz gave included a student group at Brown (the Sexual Assault Task Force), which found out that a debate was going to be held about rape culture.  They were so upset that a libertarian planned to criticize the term "rape culture" that the university president was persuaded to schedule a CONCURRENT discussion about   "the role of culture in sexual assault."  A "safe space" was created for all of the students whose delicate sensibilities were affected by the debate, and this space included, FOR REAL, "cookies, coloring books, bubbles, Play-Doh, calming music, pillows, blankets, and a video of puppies."

According to the sourcelink, Shulevitz wrote that this phenomenon of college students feeling so easily threatened started in the 80s and 90s, when "feminists and legal scholars said the First Amendment was not meant to offer free speech to supposedly racist or sexist language causing pain."

Shulevitz gave plenty of other examples of this total wussification of college students.  And I contend that  in every example, progressivism is to blame.

Is it any wonder that we're now seeing adult day care centers open in US cities?

Listen, I'm the first person to admit COMPLETE immaturity from time to time, particularly in the face of fart jokes.  But even I know that there's a time and a place for everything.  And college is NOT the time or place for students to shield themselves from varying viewpoints and diversity of thought.  They should be seeking it out, critically thinking about what they're hearing, and shaping their own points of view.  Not running into safe rooms and playing with freaking Play-Doh.

Buncha babies.


Original post Credits to COTR

Can't really add anything else, well said...except...
Remember folks, as you get older, those in power will be these suck-ass pansies...
It's not about defending free speech any more, but hiding from it.
Make one feel fuzzy, doesn't it. 
We are all royally screwed.

Monday, March 23, 2015

We can now say...the U.V. Rollings stone article was a false accusation and report...

I was watching the CNN news report on the U.of V. rollling stone story of the assault and or rape of a girl named jackie...The police findings, which was extensive, found no evidence to support the claim...none...
We understand why the police report soft stepped the news report because of the banshee yelling they would have received if they would have admitted the obvious, that the story was most probably false.
Of course CNN and it's feminist panel claimed it will prevent women from coming forward, instead of actually condemning what is obviously a false story...
If anything this story will advance the doubt that maybe someone who is reporting a rape, is actually lying...
Leave it to feminists to even put real victims in danger....

They (CNN) went on to spew out that women do not make false claims, HA! One only has to look online to see how many false accusation are made for custody of the kids against fathers, for financial gains, to be put on the emergency list for welfare and housing with the help of women's shelters, above those who are waiting and in dire need, even to increase their (women's shelters) statistics for financial gains. False accusations is a hell of a lot more than 2% claimed by the feminists of cnn.

Of course the usual feminist rhetoric was talked about, maybe she was afraid to make a report.
In this day and age, where women can hide behind a screen, make video statements, and be protected like never before???
The idea someone who has been given all the chances in the world to get justice for what was a supposed horrid experience and refused,  puts a big doubt on the reality of the story itself...

I just find it incredible, the police could not verify anything, even the existence of the said accused, yet with all the investigation and evidence put forward they could not admit the obvious, in this case, the story was not real...
Even if the story was embellished, exaggerated, at least admit it...
Dealing with reality instead of pussy footing around would show true victims of crime that the justice system does eventually uncover the truth, this would stop false reports and greatly encourage those who have gone though a violent act....
I wonder if the crime of a false report will be filed in this case???

I need #meninism because... Feminists up in arms..lol.

Hundreds Of Men Start A New Trend To ENRAGE Feminists, And It’s Working! #MENINISM
Feminists today are known for their repulsive behaviour, so it isn't hard to understand why so many would be against them. Somewhere along the line, “girl power” turned into constant man-hating and acting like vile animals for their “cause”.  Like in 2012, when the popular feminist group “Code Pink”donned pink homemade vagina costumes and perched outside the Republican National Convention. They were there to express their indignation at the GOP’s support for pro-life legislation. Feminists have become so crazed about issues like abortion, they are now calling abortion laws “forced motherhood” and “female enslavement”.  They claim that pregnancy is a nine month suspension of their civil liberties. With that kind of ridiculous mentality and obsession with what they consider “equality”, backlash is inevitable. (feminists consider stay at home mom as their enemies)

Hundreds of men have decided to respond to feminists, and start their own movement. It is an ANTI-feminism movement called “meninism”. It was created to mock feminists, but some have actually taken it very seriously. Men from all around the world tweeted to complain about the way they are treated. Questions like “why cant she open the door for me?”, and “why don’t guys under six feet get a chance? appeared with the hash tag “Meninst Twitter” and “yes all men”. It’s hard to tell who is joking and who is serious, but the trend is spreading like wildfire. Supporters of the hash tag say it’s become a channel for men to express the difficulties of being a man in the 21st Century.
One user tweeted, “Stop objectifying men. Real men have curves.”

Supporters of the controversial movement that opposes feminism, have now begun wearing ‘meninist’ T-shirts.
The online retailer Teespring.com has sold 615 shirts bearing the hashtag #MENINIST at $22.99 each. (article continues under ads)

Some have used the movement to point out female hypocrisy. Like why is it that a girl can ask a guys height, but if he asks her weight, he is in the wrong?

Feminist have become outraged, and they are not liking the taste of their own medicine. It has sparked a intense social media debate. A feminist in this tweet is called out by a fellow female. The feminist seems to be complaining about men just wanting to hijack their own version of feminism. The response she gets is priceless.

I love this site....lol...
27 Images That Prove Why The Meninist Movement Is Desperately Needed...
Because someone has to stand up for the little guys!
In my dealing with feminists of lanark county ontartio, I realise I was dealing with a sad side issue...
They all suffered from an extreme inferiority complex...especially against men, but also against women who did not put them on a pedestal, or did not agree with them...in other words, their lives is concentrated on negativity.
Doesn't matter where they worked, how much they make, they still lived under a dark cloud of self pity...
What do you do with such a small group of winning women who hate everyone around them?
You make fun of them...ridicule them, and expose what they represent and what they spew out of their yaps.

Why Do People Hate Feminism? Here is our reason.

No need to say more...
Feminism= hate club.
Saying your sorry to someone doesn't mean your sub-serviant, it simply means your polite. And as normal people amongst us know, been polite gets you more respect and one can achieve a heck of a lot more in life, whether your man or woman.
We have no problem with women been in a position of power, as long as they are not there because of their gender, but because they are there as a result of experience and hard work...
Feminists want, not women in power(since they will demonize conservative women or even stay at home moms) but themselves, and not because they worked hard for the place they occupy but to have said power in order to advance their hate; they have lived with it for so many years that it takes over their whole identity and their resulting actions.
When I came up against the local hags, a.k.a. lanark county feminists, my initial response was to fight them on what I thought was an equal intellectual difference of opinions and or policies. 
I soon came to realise my mistake, most of them did not have the smarts to debate an argument, they were there because they saw themselves as victimized individuals, instead of experiences, and their behaviour showed an inferiority complex, as we know arguing with such a person is a waste of time.. 
As feminists, they did not have the capacity to keep up with my "polite" argument that they where not looking at what the big picture was, but subscribed to it only with they hate of men, of in my case, fathers.
As time went on, it became more and more difficult to deal with these people, the idea I was dealing with someone of values and capable of understanding went out the door, and this is where it became so strange.
I was trying to have an intelligent conversation with people (feminists) who thrived and surrounded themselves with their own hatred, at the expense of everything around them and that included men, women and children. The old saying soon came to mind, "I refuse to have a battle of wits, with an unharmed person".

My argument was, "for God's sakes, stay out of my families affairs".
The main trouble makers, in my circle anyway, was the women's shelter in carleton place ontario, it's director and it's staff. (We understand there is a place for shelters, it's the hateful staff we have problems with)

Knowing full well who I was dealing with, I stayed extremely polite and diplomatic, which achieved absolutely nothing, because of their personal opinons of men.

I also dealt with the local constabulary, welfare directors, housing staff, lawyers from the legal clinic, and many other which would have to be recognized as feminists...all in control of the local social programs.
There was one thing in common I came to accept, they all had the same exact way of thinking without any differences between them...
What was I fighting them for? The same thing you want as a parent....
I wanted my daughter to go to college, she was 6 months away with a scholarship and a job offer, which I have talked about before...
I tried so hard to explained she was abused as a baby, had emotional problems and medical ones, and their actions could put her in danger....(which is the reason I ended up with custody)
Yet, none of that matter to any on them, it was not about doing the right thing, but to advance their personal dislike, some bordering on hate, of men.
They used her temporary rebellious nature as a teen to add her to their false statistics, and I will never forgive them for it.
The eventual attacks on my personality got so bad, it even bordered on the most ridiculous, they tried to put me away, tried to shut down this site, tried to accuse me of things that made them look so stupid I cannot begin to put it all on here. (FOR NOW)
They invented many things, one was to lock down the local shelter one day, claiming I was going there, to cause trouble...
(That specific stupidity on their part is one of the reason that convinced me to open this site. Don't accuse me of something I would never do, I will react.)

The point is, I have 2 daughters, I don't want them to be anything other than what they want to be, I support and help them whenever they ask. I want them to achieve not because they are females but because I believe they have the capacity to go where they want to according to their gifts.
Feminists of lanark county took that away from one of them, a future that was so promising it would have shown women can be what they want to be without claiming permanent victim-hood...
As you can see, in our case anyway, and if it happened here, you can bet your ass it happens many other places, feminism was a detriment to my girl's future, not it's benefit.

After all this, what am I supposed to think? All is well? They made a mistake? If they did, and if they where normal human beings they would have eventually seen it, and acted accordingly to repair it, but as feminists their main priority was to promote their hatred, their dislikes and their personal actions to destroy what we had worked so hard to achieve, moral values, hard work and self respect...

My conclusion is, they don't care about who they hurt, whether your male or female they will use you to pass on their negative views of their surroundings, no one is immune, not your family not even women, or in our case a young girl...
If it would have been only a few, I would understand, after all there are bad people everywhere, we don't judge all on the actions of a few. They, on the other hand all have the same way of thinking, try to pry them from it and your wasting an important part of your life....
Therefore, we came to an understanding, they cannot be reasoned with, and the only way to deal with people who walk life with such a dark cloud over their heads is to point out what they do, and represent, and ask...which is what this site does....
"Is this what you believe?"

Again, what are we supposed to think? 
That feminism is about equality, or that they want to advance the future of my girls???
They didn't exactly follow that reasoning....
This is why people hate feminism...it is based on their personal actions.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

This is how f*cked up the U.N. is...take a wild guess who they named as #1 violators of women's rights.

The United Numskulls just named Israel as the number one nation guilty of violating women’s rights because of their treatment of Palestinian women.
Just let that sink in for a minute.
Then look at this previous post...

This is why the U.N. is a joke, they make everything into a political issue instead of a human rights one....
I understand, if your Palestinian things are not exactly up to par, but holy sh*t, this is ridiculous.
Propaganda is everywhere these days, it takes precedence over reality and they wonder why people just don't believe anything they say any more....

This is what a real rape culture looks like.

Note; TNC does not judge an entire community over the actions of a few individuals.

This is what rape culture looks like. This is why I hate feminist, they are so out of touch with reality.
Be grateful there are brave men and women in your country who put their lives on the line
to stop these types of horrors and ensure a civilized society.

All western based feminism have used the word rape culture, this is why so many men and women are so angry and separate themselves from them. They use it to promote their cult of hate for financial gains. They wouldn't know what it fully mean if it jumped in their face...
Here's a suggestion, go to the congo and fight the real rape culture and maybe they would be taken seriously.

The path to true freedoms and security is not the state, but the trust in it's people and The Warrior Spirit.

Scotland Yard Chief Wants CCTV Cameras in EVERY Home
March 9, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) LONDON, UK — The citizens of the United Kingdom are possibly the most surveilled group of people in the history of the world. Forget the NSA’s ever-expanding reach over every form of communication imaginable. We’re talking cameras… everywhere. The City of London is equipped with thousands of them, so is Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and well, like I said before, pretty much everywhere. In a nation of 64 million residents, there is one CCTV camera for every 11 people in the UK.

The British Security Industry Authority (BSIA) estimates there are up to 5.9 million closed-circuit television cameras scattered throughout the UK, including 750,000 in “sensitive locations” such as schools, hospitals and care homes. This statistic was released in 2013 as well. Do you think they decided to halt the expansion of their Orwellian state at any point over the past two years? The safe bet is that these numbers have grown exponentially.
Read the rest here....
There was a time when, if someone would have even suggested such a thing he or she would have been tarred and feathered, put on a donkey backwards with a dunce hat and sent on their way....

The security and even freedoms does not depend on the state, we have plenty of example in history how bad it goes when a population gives it up to them.

As we seen in the past, the advancement of democracy is trusting the people as the strength and backbone of it's existence and continued advancement, take that away and you have a wimped out population that whines at every turn, which is what we have now.
Our main defence against totalitarianism in the past was, "we are not watched by the state as they are..either they have cameras everywhere or someone is reporting their every move". We where proud to defend our freedoms with the knowledge that there where bad situation in the world that could endanger us, even our beliefs, but we would not adopt restrictive controlling state policies here...
Other people of other nations wanted what we had, and that was our greatest defence against those who wanted to do us harm. We where an example on how it should be done...
But now, because we gave up these beliefs, and handed our freedoms to the state, more and more terrorist organisations are making inroads with their twisted look at what the world should be, by simply pointing and saying, "do you really want to be like them?"
So, to this generation and those who wimped out, I say, go ahead, trust others than yourself for your freedoms and security, see how that works out for ya in the long run...here is a little secret, freedom is not free, it costs, and usually in blood to defend it, it is not the short term you should be thinking about, but what will come in the long one...
Do we really want a society of men, taking into consideration the mess the world is in now, with it's restrictive laws, wars and talks of wars, to be like these 2 clowns???

Or do we acknowledge that we are still in dire need of the Warrior and his values?
To protect and to keep the circle of freedom alive?

The Warrior Spirit...
I had a talk with the young recently, confused by traces of the bullsh*t schools and media are trying to tell them what and who they should be. Which they disagree with but do not know how to express themselves properly.
So I told them, there is a place on Mother Earth for all it's people, but without balance we fight each other.
We talked about many things and was surprised on how informed they really are.
After a conversation that lasted hours, about multiple subject, I told them that they must accept who they are, give boys what belong to boys and to girls what belong to them.
They where really upset about a school promoted program that tells boys to wear pink shirts in order to stop bullying, "how can they try to stop bullying when they bully us into wearing a colour we don't like. Even the girls don't like boys in pink."
As hard as schools try to redefine the place of boys and girls, it's just not working, as a matter of fact, they are causing more resentment than acceptance...

I explain to them, the world has always depended on the Warrior Spirit, and his personal responsibilities, this way of life, protects the freedom of all minorities, even those we do not agree with, we protect women, children, and the Elders, without us, there is no balance in the circle of life...
Any boy can become a man, but few become Warriors, this doesn't mean we make war, but fight our own prejudices, our own weaknesses and eventually, we learn to fight the prejudices of the world. It is the place of the Warrior to protect women's rights to be who they want to be, the Elders rights to be listen to, the right of children to be safe and to play without fear.
Without us, there is no peace and freedoms, we don't impose our will on others, we quietly, in the background watch and always at the ready, for those who would dare to counter what nature intended for us...
That is the laws of nature.
They will tell you to wear or behave according to the way they see thing, and if you adopt a life that isn't yours, because your forced into it, doesn't that make them...bullies, and aren't you living someone else's life?
Be yourselves, you know what's right or wrong, we all make mistakes, what makes us special is when we accept our imperfections and try to fix them.

After this little conversation, a mother called me, and ask what I told her son, because for the first time, he apologized for his behaviour, care much about her feelings and told her he would try harder...
So, I told her, " I only gave him, what was his to begin with".
Teach the young respect for their true place in nature and they will learn and accept who they are and pass that on
Teach a boy how to become a man, you have put him on the path to become a Warrior....
This might not end all the ills of the world, but it will definitely put limits on it and even it's expansion.
And freedoms will be better served.

Note; TNC does not promote one gender over the other, all have an equal but different place in the circle, all are equally important.
In this post, we wanted to explain the value of the Warrior Spirit.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

World down syndrome day

Because every life is precious and a gift...

Everyone has the right to life...
What you do in this life...
Will Echoes in Eternity.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Woman charged in revenge porn case

An Augusta County woman was charged with posting a nude picture of another woman on Facebook, police said.
The Waynesboro Police Department said this is its first revenge porn charge after the law came into effect July 1 after being enacted by the Virginia General Assembly earlier this year, a release said.
Rachel Lynn Craig, 28, who resides outside of Waynesboro, was charged with the Class 1 misdemeanor and was released from the police department Saturday.
The new law makes it illegal for people to post nude images of others without permission to the Internet or making it accessible to others.
Waynesboro Police Sgt. Brian Edwards said the 22-year-old Waynesboro victim reported to police that Craig, who is the ex-girlfriend of the her boyfriend, took a nude image that the victim sent to her boyfriend and posted it on Facebook.
The victim told police she found out about the post after others saw it and told her about it, Edwards said.
Craig admitted to police that she took the photo from her ex-boyfriend's phone and posted it.

So much for, only men do this....lol.

False accusation should always end up in suing the one which made them...

Ray McDonald will sue the woman who accused him of rape

Ray McDonald was accused of rape in December, and the 49ers cut him immediately after news broke that police were investigating. But McDonald has not been charged, and now he plans to sue his accuser, saying she made a false claim and that it has put his football career in jeopardy.
McDonald’s lawyer told the San Jose Mercury News that video from McDonald’s home-surveillance system show the woman having “clearly consensual” sex with McDonald, and that the rape allegation was false. Yet the allegation led the 49ers to release McDonald, and no other team has shown interest in signing him. McDonald and his lawyer released a statement saying they hope the lawsuit can vindicate him and get his NFL career back on track.
Any false accusations, which is usually for financial gain or a vendetta, is one of the most destructive problem our society is experiencing...since it attacks families(the backbone of a stable nation) and especially fathers and husbands, the other been corruption, which goes hand in hand...
It not only has the end results of destroying careers and reputations, (of the men), but as this goes on, the true victims of crime also suffer...how can we believe anyone any more if this is not corrected...
Any person making an accusation of rape or assaults goes with the doubt that they might be doing it for other reasons than what their claiming...
The people we have to thank for all this is the radical man-hating feminists,(TNC has come to that "definite conclusion" because of the actions local lanark county feminists have taken against this site) it's organisations, and especially the corrupt industry of the women's shelters across the country...their actions of accepting any accusations as true, without investigating if it is or not, invites these problems...
We recently were the recipient of such accusations, some of them so ridiculous, the only thing they did not accuse us of, is that we might be an aliens from the planet MALEstrom which has a penis for a "head" of state...lol.
All started by local feminist lawyers and local shelter....(which by the way was brought on as revenge for this site)
Their actions puts us in a pretty good position to sue the hell out of them....

Now in Ontario, we have a government who is pushing policies with a one sided accusation against men, without accepting the "know facts" that such policies promote false accusations when they tag all men as bad...in turn we have no choice but to doubt anyone making these claims of violence...
Who the hell does that help? Only one group, the man-hating feminist organisations who thrive on the misery of others without caring who they hurt...
Where in that disturbing pro-feminist anti male agenda commercial above does it even mention, "most men will never do this to you?"
Instead, it's " beware, men will rape and sexually abuse you", thank God most women know this is bullshit....

Thursday, March 19, 2015

History's war criminals...given the opportunity, some women are just as guilty.

Wendy Lower’s stunning account of the role of German women on the World War II Nazi eastern front powerfully revises history, proving that we have ignored the reality of women’s participation in the Holocaust, including as brutal killers. The long-held picture of German women holding down the home front during the war, as loyal wives and cheerleaders for the F├╝hrer, pales in comparison to Lower’s incisive case for the massive complicity, and worse, of the 500,000 young German women she places, for the first time, directly in the killing fields of the expanding Reich.

Hitler’s Furies builds a fascinating and convincing picture of a morally “lost generation” of young women, born into a defeated, tumultuous post–World War I Germany, and then swept up in the nationalistic fervor of the Nazi movement—a twisted political awakening that turned to genocide. These young women—nurses, teachers, secretaries, wives, and mistresses—saw the emerging Nazi empire as a kind of “wild east” of career and matrimonial opportunity, and yet could not have imagined what they would witness and do there. Lower, drawing on twenty years of archival and field work on the Holocaust, access to post-Soviet documents, and interviews with German witnesses, presents overwhelming evidence that these women were more than “desk murderers” or comforters of murderous German men: that they went on “shopping sprees” for Jewish-owned goods and also brutalized Jews in the ghettos of Poland, Ukraine, and Belarus; that they were present at killing-field picnics, not only providing refreshment but also taking their turn at the mass shooting. And Lower uncovers the stories, perhaps most horrific, of SS wives with children of their own, whose female brutality is as chilling as any in history.

Hitler’s Furies will challenge our deepest beliefs: genocide is women’s business too, and the evidence can be hidden for seventy years.

Nazism’s Feminine Side, Brutal and Murderous

10 Most Evil Women In Nazi Camps

Female guards in Nazi concentration camps

There are many other examples of violence been a genderless enterprise...Stalin's gulags, Mao's prison camps, and even today in some parts of the world like north Korea...Heck, there is even a woman warlord in Afghanistan.
We can also point at the residential school's and how many women, or nuns, ran those places of horror...

I decided to revisit this issue when hilary (I am a feminist, women suffer more than men in war, we saw, we went, he died,) clinton, claimed when women negotiated in politics, things where more...calmer...she's definitely not a good example of thing been more calmer.
This might or might not be true, but given the opportunity, history shows, (some)women, just like (some) men, can be as vicious as anyone else...
Again....Different sides of the same coin...
Violence is not a gender based issue, it is a human one.

The point here is not to demonize all women, TNC doesn't do that, but point out, the actions of radical feminism is to basically lie and bullsh*t their way into blaming only men, and if we do adopt ourselves to their way of thinking, nothing will ever change.
History is full of warlords who where women, maybe not as many as men, but when the opportunity arises, some are just as capable to perform some of the most hideous crimes against humanity as anyone else.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

We will never get justice, Mohawk Elder.

In the United States only those with money can get justice. There is no justice for the poor and the lawyers assigned by the state to defend those without the finances to retain their own lawyers in reality only serve the interests of their bosses, namely the state. The inability to get justice or to be treated with the same respect as the rest of the population is particularly acute for marginalized indigenous peoples whose only avenue for redress against wrongs inflected on them by the state and its agents are in the very courts those guilty of crimes against the Indians control. Tekarontake an elder with the Mohawk Nation spoke to the Voice of Russia about a case that has been dragging through the courts for 17 years and one that saw armed state police beating Indian women and children. The Indian victims have refused to settle out of court, but the cards are stacked against them as the state does what it does best, protect its own criminals.

Tekarontake: Back in 1997 the State of New York was trying to impose taxes on the indigenous people within their native communities that were, what they considered as, part of NY State. But our people have always retained who we are. We have never alienated ourselves from ourselves, but we have always continued to be as we were from the beginning of time. We have never freely accepted to be part of the State of NY or the US, or of Canada. We continue to remain as part of our own respective nations.

We opposed taxation on our people. But some of our councils who are considered federally recognized. Federal recognition simply means that these people have willingly and freely accepted to comply with all the laws, rules and regulations of the US and the State of NY. These are the people who are considered our leaders, but they are the leaders only in accordance to the Government. But among the people, among the population, they are not. They are basically what people would refer to as puppet governments.

Read more.

I have said it before, unless we achieve some degree of independence, justice will never be taken seriously when it comes to First Nations.

We can take care of ourselves, our Elders and our Children, a lot better than the nanny state has been doing.
We cannot depend on so call leaders who associate with those who do everything to keep us down.
Someday soon, realisation will come, that it is better for the welfare of the people to look after our own without dependence on some foreign government established through violence and a policy of extermination.

Freedoms and security for our families and Mother Earth should never depend on governments but the people they are expected to serve, yet as we see now, the system is based on the privileged dictating to all of us, how to behave, even if we do not agree.
As the Elder say...
Only those with money can get justice.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pro-life message rocks U.N. audience.

Wendy Wright | March 13, 2015    
NEW YORK, March 13 (C-Fam) A UN conference room filled with nearly 400 young people sitting in diplomats’ chairs leapt to their feet to applaud a young woman last night. Lila Rose and her undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s callous aborting of children made their debut appearance in the august building.
“I am asking for forgiveness for how my nation has exported violence against the most innocent” around the world, she said. “And I want to share what my teams have seen inside the abortion industry.”
New York City is the birthplace of Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion chain in the U.S. and a powerful political player internationally, she noted.
Lila showed clips of Planned Parenthood employees explaining how to obtain a sex-selection abortion, a late-term abortion and how to fraudulently obtain government aid.
“If we don’t treat the weakest members of society with the respect that we have for ourselves, how is that justice? How is that equality? How is that upholding human rights?” Lila told the crowd.
Several women employees who thought they were fighting for reproductive justice have left Planned Parenthood, Lila recounted. They came to realize “maybe this isn't the best for women, maybe we can do better for women than killing their flesh and blood, maybe it’s coercive, maybe this is a lie that we've been sold by powerful political and business interests,” who make multiple millions of dollars from abortion.
There’s a big push not to recognize the child inside the womb. “But once we recognize what science and reason tells us about life in the womb” people can see the humanity of an unborn child.
The notion of “my body, my rights,” leads to the idea that “I can do what I please” with the “body inside my body.” This puts the burden of a child completely on the woman, because society tells the woman, “You take care of it. You deal with it.”
Abortion is offered as the only solution to the challenge pregnant women face “if you want to advance your career, if you want to stay with your boyfriend.”
Mother Teresa said abortion is the greatest destroyer of peace.
“When you take the weakest member of society and deny their human rights, instead of protecting them, then we cannot have the peace we long for,” noted Lila.
When a child who is in “their most dependent situation, the weakest members of our society – and you deny them their most fundamental human right,” she said, “then you have a human rights crisis at the core of your society, and you cannot have peace.”
A common myth of the abortion lobby, especially to pressure countries to legalize abortion, is that pregnancy is “a disease that is treated by killing a child.”
Yet “women are still dying from abortion” in the U.S “because it’s an unnatural, violent act against her as well as the child,” Lila said.
One video contrasted Planned Parenthood providing late-term abortion with pictures of Toby, a baby born at 24 weeks, then his pictures at nine months, two years old, and playing on a boat at three years old.
A woman in the audience passed a note to an International Youth Coalition student who invited her to the event. She had favored abortion before, but now is against it, her note said.
Archbishop Bernardito Auza of the Holy See hosted the event titled “Young and Courageous Because Life Can’t Wait” along with C-Fam.
Reprinted with permission from C-Fam

We will all judged by the way we treat our young....

Monday, March 16, 2015

Countries Avoid Controversy, Reject Abortion at Women’s Conference

Feminists having a Conniption...
How dare they not bow to our way of thinking....

NEW YORK, March 13 (C-Fam) This year – the 20th anniversary of the Beijing Women’s Conference – thousands of delegates and civil society representatives are gathered in New York to assess 20 years of progress on women’s issues.

Rather than haggle late into the nights as is done each year at the UN Commission on the Status of Women, countries adopted a political declaration on the first day of the two-week conference. It makes no mention of sexual and reproductive health or rights, terms linked to abortion and sexual issues.

Feminist groups were angry the declaration – (OH! Boo hoo) that they called “bland” – was finished before they arrived in New York. They called it a “political failure” for not recognizing feminist organizations, among other complaints. (That's because their time is up)

Trade unions demanded governments consult with them and women’s groups in future meetings, and ensure other privileges, such as the UN’s new development goals must require teachers be “professionally trained” – a move that would discriminate against homeschool mothers, humanitarian workers or qualified women without a teaching degree.

In their opening statement, African nations emphasized they “reject abortion to be promoted as a method of family planning” while welcoming the “consensual understanding between partners” on the number and spacing of children.

Yet they are also “concerned by the spread and use of harmful contraceptives for African women” and want methods “that are not detrimental to women’s health.”

Read the rest here...

This is why they are referred to as; FEMINAZIS

Burning of books....
The very idea some would even go there exposes how stupid these hags are....

A hundred years before the advent of Nazism, the German-Jewish poet, Heinrich Heine, declared: 
Wherever books are burned, human beings are destined to be burned too."

Many formerly reluctant professors were swept along by the outpouring of student enthusiasm that followed Hitler's seizure of power. Most of the professors eagerly surrendered their intellectual honesty and took the required Nazi oath of allegiance. They also wanted to curry favor with Nazi Party officials in order to grab one of the academic vacancies resulting from the mass expulsion of Jewish professors and deans.

Now, we see most teachers and professors, giving up on their responsibility to teach, regardless of politics and have adopted the same policies as in the past, "anyone who does not follow the line", well...
Book burning... 
Wonder why feminism copy Nazism???
When we don't learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it...

Does the theory of evolution have a start in creationism?

A New Species Discovered?
One great example is a discovery that was made just over a year ago where researchers discovered what looks to be an entirely new species of hominin that is currently unknown to modern day science. The discovery was made in a Siberian cave.

A DNA analysis of the subject’s genome detected traces of what is known as a “Denisovan,” who are considered to be the mysterious cousins of the Neanderthals. The alarming part is the fact that the genome also contains odd bits of DNA which seem to come from a completely unknown, unidentifiable group of “people.”

The genome from a Neanderthal was also analyzed from the excavation, and the results suggest that interbreeding occurred among members of multiple ancient human-like groups in Europe and Asia more than 30,000 years ago, “including an as yet unknown human ancestor from Asia.”

“What it begins to suggest is that we’re looking at a Lord of the Rings type world – that there were many hominid populations.” - (1) Mark Thomas, evolutionary geneticist at University College London.

Again, Neanderthal and Denisovan’s are believed to have bred with anatomically modern humans, thus contributing to the genetic diversity of many people today. That being said, this new discovery suggests that our genetic diversity is far more complex, and again, includes a being (or beings) that has yet to be identified.

“The best explanation is that the Denisovans interbred with an unidentified species, and picked up some of their DNA. Denisovans harbour ancestry from an unknown archaic population, unrelated to Neanderthals.”  (2) – David Reich of Harvard Medical School

First of all, let's remember what theory really means...as in theory of evolution.
: an idea that is suggested or presented as possibly true but that is not known or proven to be true.
Basically, it means they don't really know and are guessing.
If we believe in evolution without creation it open more questions than not...
They try very hard to impose their guesses as fact, saying all is well, we know where everything began, and the matter is closed.
I always asked myself, if it began with the big bang, where does that come from? It just had to come from somewhere.

They theorise humans came from monkeys, they came from lizards, which came from a fish, from crustation, from cells, so on so on....
If there is no such thing as evolution without creationism, why didn't the dinos evolve in all the time they had, hundreds of millions of years, into an intelligent lifeforms? The theory of evolution would demand it wouldn't it?

I don't believe the world was created a few thousands years ago, it did on the other hand evolve from creation. so who created life, the infinity of the universe, can it ever be explained? Not from a scientific point of view unless one subscribe to a "theory", which in itself is contradictory since it cannot be proven...As media always push on us that the argument is over, all is well, all is proven fact...
Believe blindly in the media and we stay ignorant.

There are many instance that point to life on Mother Earth been extremely violent at time, there has been multiple extinctions and rebirth...
Cities that "might" go back to 30, 40 thousand years...found off the coast of India...
(and no, I do not believe it was aliens)
In other words, life is never what they theorise.

The point is, as we see in the post above, the chart, which according to them explains man's ascension to intelligence is not what they claimed, so what else do they get wrong....what they claim, that we all began at the top of a tree eating bananas was never my beliefs, it had to begin towards creation...
If we where chosen by the Creator to populate this world, then we had to be chosen from all other life form to have intelligence, the will to build and pass on a better life to those who came afterwards...this is not the realm of any other species on Earth.
As we can see above, accepting the definition of humanity as closed and resolved by "theory" is been ignorant of other facts that points to creationism first and eventual evolution....
Otherwise we are just tax paying robots, here to provide for those who claim to be better...and some of those are really messed up when we look further into their personal lives.
That is their gains from the theory of evolution and that is why they are pushing hard the idea that they (elitist) are better than the rest of us....
Because if we start believing the person next to us is no better than we are, then that promotes true equality and God forbid that ever happens...The elitist society we live in today would fall like a house of cards.

TNC does not promote any religions, but spirituality does offer inner peace.

WE did not evolve from a monkey(LOL)
but was put here by the Great Spirit, Creator of all things.

What we have learned from those who came before us,
are the gifts we pass on to the young.

Note; We at TNC are NOT professional writers, we only offer opinions and a different way of looking at things. Considering the path this world is taking, diseases, greed, hate, wars, divisions, we must look at life with an open mind, everything we pass on, will have an effect on our future and the future of the human race...
and especially our children.