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Sunday, February 15, 2015

This will get worse if you allow the state to dictate how your should parent your kids.

A Maryland mother wrote an opinion piece for The Washington Post, describing what happened after she allowed her children to walk to the park without her supervision. After receiving word of two children walking around alone, police officers arrived at their house and Child Protective Services harassed them weeks later. The parents were being investigated for child neglect. 

One recent Saturday afternoon, six police officers and five patrol cars came to my home in Silver Spring. They demanded identification from my husband and entered our home despite not having a warrant to do so.
A few hours later, a Montgomery County Child Protective Services (CPS) social worker coerced my husband into signing a “temporary safety plan” for our children by threatening to take the children “right now” — a threat she backed up with a call to the police. In the weeks that followed, another worker from the agency appeared at our door with the police and insisted that he did not need a warrant to enter our home. He also interviewed our children at school without our knowledge or permission.

We need to refuse to allow ourselves to be ruled by fear or allow our government to overrule decisions that parents make about what is best for their children. Over-policing parents in this way does not make children safer; it disrupts families and makes our kids fearful, anxious and unhealthy. And whether through the legislatures or the courts, neglect laws need to be redefined to safeguard parents’ discretion to make reasonable risk-management judgements for their children, including the decision to allow them the freedom and independence that was the norm a generation ago and is still essential to their development and well-being.

No need to say more..other than give them a little, look the other way, and they will take everything, including your parental rights, and eventually...your kids...it's been done before.

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