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Friday, February 6, 2015

The true character of a man, father, parent. Wife say's it's me or the baby, Father chooses baby.

When Samuel Forrest heard a baby crying from outside his wife's hospital room, he knew his life would change forever.
Not only had he become a father, but he would soon receive some unexpected news about his newborn son.
"This paediatrician walks out of the room with a little bundle -- that was Leo," Forrest said. "She had his face covered up and hospital authorities wouldn't let me see him or my wife. When the doctor came out, he said 'there’s a real problem with your son.'
Forrest followed doctors and nurses into a room where he'd finally get to meet his baby.
"When I walked into the room they all turned to me and said 'Leo has Down syndrome," he told ABC News. "I had a few moments of shock."
After the news had sunk in, Forrest held Leo for the very first time.
"They took me in see him and I looked at this guy and I said, he's beautiful -- he's perfect and I'm absolutely keeping him."
Soon Forrest walked into his wife's hospital room with Leo in his arms.
Her reaction was unlike one he ever expected.
"I got the ultimatum right then," he said. "She told me if I kept him then we would get a divorce."
Attempts to reach the hospital for comment weren't immediately successful. The baby's mother, Ruzan Badalyan, told ABC News that she did have a child with Down syndrome and she has left her husband, who has the child, but she declined to elaborate.
Forrest, who's from Auckland, New Zealand, said he was completely unaware of the hospital practices in Armenia when it came to children.
"What happens when a baby like this is born here, they will tell you that you don’t have to keep them," he said. "My wife had already decided, so all of this was done behind my back."
Despite his wife's warnings, Forrest said he never had a doubt in his mind that he would hold onto his son.
One week after his birth, Leo's mom filed for divorce.

"It's not what I want," Forrest said. "I didn’t even have a chance to speak with her in privately about it."
Forrest, who works as a freelance business contractor, has plans for he and Leo to move to his native country of New Zealand where he said they'll receive support from loved ones.
In the meantime, he's enlisted for some help on his GoFundMe page titled "Bring Leo Home."
"This really came out of the blue for me," he said. "I don’t have a lot, I have very little in fact. The goal is to raise enough for a year so I can get a part-time job so Leo doesn't have to be in daycare and I can help care for him. He's lost a lot in two weeks. It'd be different if he had his mommy."
Forrest has recently been working with disability awareness groups to share his story in the hopes that parents will become better educated on children with special needs.
"After what I've been through with Leo, I'm not going to sit back and watch babies be sent to orphanages," he said. "As a child with Down syndrome, that becomes somewhat of a label. If we can get around this label, we’ll see that they’re normal. They’re a little different from us, but they’re still normal.
"They all have niches and I want to work hard to find out where Leo's special. This little guy is great."

When it comes to a choice, which is why feminists are so adamant about taking father's rights away, men will choose their children over anyone, even their wives. 
This is a perfect example why feminists do not want men, fathers, to have any say when it comes to abortions, they know damn well we put the lives of children ahead of any other, their lives and protection is in our character. To protect and provide are not only words to us, it is the reason we are here, our raison d'etre, and it takes precedence over any other situation in our lives.

I went through something similar, when I went for custody of my child, organisations did everything to prevent her from having the right to a secure and loving home and even life itself. They tried to have her aborted, and when that didn't work, they went towards adoption, crown ward ship and anything else they could think of... Even asking me "what would a man want with a little girl". And making statements like "there is something wrong with a father loving his daughter this much". (sick perverted bastards)

Born with medical problems and told she would have emotional problem as she grew, I did not care, as a parent I would give it my all to give her a good life. 
I went up against every feminist controlled organisation one can think of, child protection (CAS), their lawyers, child's lawyer, psychological assessments, personal attacks, eventually schools infested with anti father feminists, and as she grew up, they did not care about her medical past, tried to put a wedge between us (didn't work) by offering her welfare, housing, even as she was under-age and one of the most corrupt organisation I have ever experienced, lanark county interval house in carleton place ontario (all men bad and rapists policy) was behind it all. (explained in detail on this blog)
All of which where and are feminist controlled...
I came to the conclusion, feminists and those who listen to them have no respect for life at all...as a father you better have the characteristic of true manhood, because these idiots will do everything to discourage, demonize and attack you every chance they get.

Which brings us to the story above, how the hell can a mother give a father such a choice other than the lack of respect for life, and it shows, when it comes to our kids, most men, fathers will chose to defend the rights of children above anything else. Or anyone...
Now, we at the TNC do not demonize all women, mothers, wives, we know most are not like the one above, but the point is, in these cases, the idea men do not care and only women do, as feminists seems to spew out is nothing more than...bullshit.
I can relate to the story above and so can many fathers, we are up against anti father, anti-life, anti family. Corrupt evil organisations will do everything to take from us what is truly ours, the right to protect life itself, and if those who support such evil cannot understand the true meaning of manhood, then we must replace them at any cost, the future of those we love, depends on it.

Well done Samuel Forrest...well done...
You a credit to all fathers, parents.

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