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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The industry of victim-hood. Greed, manipulation, personal gains, lies and division.

Over the last decade, media were taken over by people who think that their ideals, opinions and way of life are superior to others and so they have the mission to tell others how to live, what to think and what to do. Those people have learned that there is a very easy way of manipulating others with guilt and fake goodwill. 
People who have no qualifications at all to get a job are making loud claims that it's because their gender, sexuality or beliefs, while the truth is that they are not able to code, write or make art. Nobody dares to say the truth to them. Everybody feels kind of sorry for them and nobody wants to be called names.
This whole concept of victim-hood is bullshit
I grew up in a communist country without the freedom of speech, without comic books, without Lego, without video-games, without computers, without American movies. I couldn't even learn English at school. All this was considered to be capitalist evil and prohibited. You could hardly call me privileged. And you know what? I never blamed Americans for being luckier than me. I never wanted them to give me anything for free. I wanted to be like them! And here I am, making games, doing the stuff I always wanted. I never felt the need to blame anyone.
People had enough of those hypocrites that started to inject their ideology everywhere while they do exactly the opposite of what they preach to others. 
Daniel Vavra Game designer.

The Escapist 10 October 2004
It's sad if we thing about it, victim-hood has become an industry, providing financial gains for those who say one thing and do another.
Whether games, promoting slut-walks to young girls, misogyny, false rape claim, parental alienation, on and on, it's all done in the name of greed, the truth is never told by those who profit from it, and why should they, when they make their living out of lying to people.
Have you noticed; Media, politics, feminists, manginas, never promote the good in people, always the bad, and as we know, the bad is not the reality of the whole, but the acts of a minority of individuals.
If they really wanted to change the world, they would associate themselves with the majority of people, think of what could be accomplished together, but by their policy of division, they realise, even without qualifications, they can convince some they know what they are yapping about, all the while shaming other to be silent.
When such a group deals only with the bad, without promoting the good, as the true nature of our surroundings, they only benefit themselves, at the expense of others, and especially those who cry out for our help.
It's not the victim which is important to them any-more, it's the power of control and manipulation for personal gain.

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