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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Teaching Self respect to kids, part one, or lack thereof...The industry of child abuse.

Definition of skank...miley cyrus.

This thing has been posting all sorts of topless photos as of late, on her Instagram account and elsewhere, and she's basically being as skanky as a person can be without just being an Actual Porn Star.

I think we are all for young ladies expressing themselves, but somehow some have forgotten about including self respect, when you have skank such as this one, and many others in the music and movie industry going about the world claiming this is about expressing ones self, or empowerment, you know something is wrong.
This is your daughters on feminism.
Or in college run by feminists and their manginas.
If you associate yourself as a man with these guys...all the power to you.
You do have that right...
The rest of us (real men, fathers) will do just fine without you.

We have many idiots to thank for all this, feminists, their manginas, parents who forgot their important roles in life and abandoned it to the state, politicians who know damn well this is not going to end well in the long run, and especially those who profit from taking advantage of lost little girls like cyrus. 
This isn't self expression for the purpose of advancing our daughters rights, this is the continuation of abuse of women by those who see girls like her as a profit making tool...
The difference is, back then they(feminists) could say men controlled this industry, but no more, there are as many women in the background profiteering from all this as there are men in the music and movie industry. Showing that taking advantage of the young is not gender based but given the right to do it, some women will use young girls to benefit financially.
By the way, cyrus's video has been entered in the porn festival.

Now take a look at your new born baby girl or grand daughter, or niece, or sister, and ask yourself, is this what you consider empowerment for her? Is this what you want her to do when she grows up, maybe even participate in slut walks as if it's a compliment to women? You do know what slut means right, nothing to do with self respect.

Even locally, we have those who would never dress like sluts (for apparent reasons), promoting slut walks to take back the night???
When one lives in reality, one does not dress like a slut if one has self respect...especially when kids are watching you.

True there are bad people out there, (males and females) and we all have to live our lives around that reality. If I just came out of the bank with a bag of money, even if I can take care of myself, I would not go into a dark alley, because I know I might get mugged...I know most people would not mug me, but I do realise a few might, and until Utopia comes about, I'm going to live in the real world. Taking back the night for my safety is not going to make these few bad people go away, nor will they change simply because I ask them too...
Hence, if women want to dress like sluts, in general they will be safe, they have that right, just don't walk by yourself in a dark alley, there are bad people out there, a feminist utopia does not exist, nor will it for the foreseeable future, if ever. 
Self respect is the first rule to achieving respect. 

There was a time when people of other nations aspired to be like us, because we had freedoms with balance, self respect; but no more, they take one look and run for the nearest door. Now, we "allow" low lives and perverts to take advantage of our girls for profits, and some parent fully participate in it, teaching girls that been a slut is self empowerment...but mainly for financial and personal gain.

And you ask why terrorist groups even exist and getting stronger while we get weaker??? These are the people who not to long ago, wanted what we had, the Arab spring was an expression of these desires, now the same people, disillusioned, are joining anyone who expresses their disgust at what we have become...

Our baby girls are taken advantage for profits and we just sit there and call it self expression, most of us are against it, but say nothing because idiots made us believe we are obstructing women's rights, evolution and openness...
A society rises or falls on how they treat their children. Before, in a world long gone, they blamed men for all this; well, now we have equality and guess what, women who have the power, are now sexualising girls for profit...So much for dirty ol'men, better known as the bad ol'patriarchy, profiteering at the expense of women or in this case, little girls. Thanks to feminism, everyone does it.

TNC, unlike feminist web sites, do not demonize all women for the action of a few.
We recognize and promote the "facts" that we all want the same thing, to give the next generation a better life, "with self respect", than we had.

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