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Monday, February 2, 2015

T-Mobile promotes feminazi man hate... "SORRY, IT'S A BOY?????

This Is Why I Can't Stand Feminism. THIS. 
Don't know what's so funny about Sarah Silverman handing a newborn baby over to his parents and saying "Sorry, it's a boy." Especially since it has nothing to do about getting good cell phone service.
If there's a joke in here, it's that feminism thinks degrading men and boys for simply being men and boys is a great way to prop women up. Really, feminism has become the exact same thing that they accuse men of - being dismissive and derogatory toward the opposite sex. Which, in their narrow little worldview, makes it totally okay. But try having her say "Sorry, it's a girl" and see how fast the harpies at NOW bring their rage down around T-Mobile's ears (typical idiotic double standard nonsense, blah, blah, blah...)
It reminds me of those catty girls in high school gossiping about their one friend who isn't there to defend herself and they all decide to be jerks to her and ruin her life - just because they can. But mean girls never grow out of it. They just redirect their low self-esteem issues toward men and become feminists.
Thanks to COTR website.

Real women do not claim to be man hating feminists....
How the h*ll does a society advances equality (male or female) with this type of sh*t???

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