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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Natural character of man. Keanu Reeves shows it..

What Keanu Reeves just did to a woman on the Subway is going VIRAL
Famous actor Keanu Reeves is making waves across the Internet for doing something that’s become so rare–not only among celebrities but regular folk too–that it’s totally blowing people’s minds.
He acted like a decent human being.
I know, right? Who knew that was still a thing?
A video has surfaced of the John Wick actor giving up his seat on the subway to a woman carrying a gym bag.
So awesome to see chivalry still exists. Wonder how long it will be before feminists starting spewing hateful comments at him for his good deed.

Seriously awesome.
While the rabid feminist type might hate this sort of thing, it’s fantastic to see a dude honoring a female so respectfully, especially in a culture that seems to constantly bash men.
This sort of thing used to be common place, but has unfortunately disappeared in recent years–thanks to the complaints of feminists who think it’s degrading for someone to do something nice like open a door or pull out a chair for a woman.
And I’m not one to let the boys off the hook either.
Guys, do your best to treat the women around you the utmost respect, placing them and their needs above your own, regardless of how they receive it. Doing the right thing isn’t predicated on the response of others, it’s a matter of personal character.
Maybe the video’s popularity will inspire other men to continue doing such noble deeds and usher in a new age of chivalry.

And that's that...
Treat women with respect...
And treat feminist the way they want to be treated...
Most of us have no second thought of giving up our seat to a woman, the thing is, it's in our character to do it, it's certainly not a weakness, it is a compliment, especially to the position women hold in our hearts...
Now..."women" been the word here...
Since feminists claim gender neutrality, this does not apply to them...and they can stand.

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