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Thursday, February 5, 2015

National security becoming paranoia, harassment, lost of freedoms.

Clifton Nicholas, Mohawk activist and film maker was called by CSIS. He was questioned simply because he had been to Greece at the invitation of Greek social groups to speak on Canadian native issues. His response to the CSIS agent is beyond priceless.

Clifton Nicholas:
I've received three over the last few years from CSIS this is the most aggressive one yet and I recorded the conversation this time.

National security is fine, as long as balance is also introduced into legislation...In any democratic country, you will have dissent, that's why it's called democracy, freedom of expression. But lately, people are been subjected to what smells of propaganda to push restrictive laws in the name of security...
In the 70's we had just as many terrorism as we have today, if not more. Yet, the laws they are trying to pass today in the name of national security are the same we use to point to as been undemocratic.
Some of you might be too young to have been there but this is some of the things we were dead set against....
Cameras watching the population at every corner
Intrusive laws which gave the right to spy on citizens
Laws that watered down the right to demonstrations
Para- military or military on corners of streets or in airports with machine guns.

And what was defended;
The right to walk the streets without been stopped for no reason
You could actually walk down town without I.D. (try that today)
There's more but you get the point...
That generation exclaimed in a strong voice, 
"They want us to give up our freedoms, if we do.... they(terrorism) win".

Somehow down the line, maybe because we didn't keep on been vigilant, we seem to be on the path to loose what made us free, the reason to fight. They even talk of banning foreign TV station like RT, to much propaganda they say. Watch CNN and see if they investigate or just pass on what the government tells them, what do you call that?
Then there is the internet, blogs, web pages, that last remnant of free expression, where you can research to see it they are telling us the truth and if they do have our best interest at heart...
The way western government are behaving lately, shows their fear of the web so much that they are trying to control it, and the information which we can access.

Freedoms is not based on what the state tells us it is, it is based on how much we as a people are willing to defend and fight for. Freedom does have a price, the ultimate cost for the foreseeable future is blood, unfortunately. 
Sure, terrorism exists, even war like states, but then, human history shows, some are a war like people and thrive on it as a way to enrich themselves. Maybe someday the population will wake up and realise it's not us who are war like, but we have a tendency to follow to much without understanding that it's us that dictate what freedom is, not the other way around.
Our safety, protection of our families, depends on us not giving to much out of fear, or paranoia, if we do, eventually we will not like what is in front of us and our kids will not believe us when we tell them...
"this was the way things where back then...."

A boy once asked his Grandfather; 
"Poppy, what is freedom?" 
The grandfather thinks for a minute and says;
"Let me tell you what my grandfather told me, about the sheep, the wolf and the wolverine:"
"A group of sheep's were harassed by the eastern wolf pack, so out of fear, they went to the western pack and ask them for protection knowing they were just as strong; the western pack agreed, bringing them into their lair.
The sheeps now felt safe, until reality sets in...surrounded by what they believed to be their protectors, the lamb turned to her father and said: 
"What have you done".

The grandfather went on;
"The next day, the wolverine, which is smaller, quietly walked by, the wolf did not bother him, do you know why?"
The boy thought for a minute and said;
Grandfather said:
"Because the wolf knows, even if the wolverine is smaller, he will stand his ground and even fight back?"
The grandson looked at his Poppy and asked;
"Are you a wolverine grandpa?"
Grandfather answered;
"Your here aren't you?"

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