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Friday, February 13, 2015

Gender gap is caused by...mothers who breastfeed their boys??? Stupidity at it's best, from Sweden's feminists.

This is where you realise feminists are insane, especially in sweden...and they want this shit here???

Klara Andersson: Mothers must stop breast feeding her boys - to even out the gender gap
February 11, 2015

Klara Andersson is a 23 year old feminist who is studying political science.

There is one thing that we need to talk about. Now. I do not understand why this was not taken up more given that it is an extremely important feminist issue concerning our babies. (Thats because, klara, most women think your a nut that needs to be institutionalized)

I, Klara Andersson, (idiot) feminist, journalist and intersectional social justice seeker” is ready to break the silence. I do this even if the chances are that I will be met by "Internet hate" from the vile anti-feminists and others, or perhaps even showered with death threats from racists and sweden democrats. But it's worth it. I do it for the sake of the children. (sure you do)

Mothers should stop breast-feed their boys . So, now it was said. Surprised? Angry? Confused? You should not be.  (None of us are surprised klara, since you declared yourself a ferminist, we already know how stupid you can be)

Think about it now. At the beginning of our lives, during the formative years, nutritional really important. How much and what you eat during the baby years can have a major impact on the rest of their lives. Breastfeeding is the best way to give your baby all the vitamins and minerals needed for the child to grow, studies show that children who are breastfed perform better in adulthood than those who are not breastfed.  (Keep in mind there is nothing that shows, breastfeeding makes one smarter, study shows it makes children, HEALTHIER, and that gives kids a chance in life.)

With all this in mind, look at breastfeeding through your gender spectacles. Baby Boys who grow up, become men and oppress, takes place from, and raping women get a great start when they are breastfed. (This belief is not only in sweden, we have shown feminists everywhere including in our little corner believe "all men achieve power through rape and sexual harassment, director of lanark county interval house in carleton place ontario")

This is precisely why we need to stop breastfeeding them. Men do not have a great start in life, they already have a good start in that they were fortunate to be men.
(yes, we are so fortunate to fight and die to protect your freedom of speech to promote hate against babies)

We have to stop breastfeeding boys to even out the gap between men and women that make men earn more and have all the power in society. This is so important and I do not understand why more women do not think about this. (Because klara, when a mother breast feeds her baby, she does it whether its a boy or a girl, that's the first thing that exposes you as a vile anti male feminist, second is the fact that parents (non-feminist ones in particular) do not identify newborns as male or female, but simply baby's...)

Veka men are good men. By induced malnutrition in baby age we can hope men grow up and not be as strong as they are at present, and that nature thus smooths out the physical differences between men and women. This would of course relate to fewer violent crimes, fewer rapes, and more efficiently feminist self-defence.
(Klara, klara, klara, your inferiority complex is showing, with all the people and nations in the world, refusing and even fighting against what you and so many other represent in the west, do you really believe your right to say the crap you do would be defended by an army of feminists or bad ol' males??? Go sit down little girl before you hurt yourself. And let the big boys and women decide what is best)

In short - if you are a mother who is breastfeeding a baby boy - Stop it, now! I mean, if you care about equality, stop. If you do not stop, I can not but classify you as a passive sexist and a bad mother.
(There is the true identity of radical lesbian feminism for ya, if your a stay at home mom, caring for your babies, without putting their gender identification into the mix, your a sexist and a bad mother?)

People like klara cannot be taken seriously, but must be watched so they do not cause to much damages to what we enjoy today...passed down to us by the previous generation, which millions sacrificed and died in wars, work place, so on, promoting freedom and democracy.
Unless of course you subscribe to the idea that women have always been the primary victims of war, spued by feminist like hillary clinton. 
TNC admits women have also been victims of war, and the ones she seem to have forgotten, children, elderly. But the main ingredient to protecting freedoms to say such idiocy is and always will be...men.

That said, no one believes, especially men, that we should control everything, or that we rape to achieve power, after all we have daughters and father are adamant about them achieving the best they can be without obstruction...
But, maybe just maybe, we should recognize the sacrifice men have done to ensure, women, children and the elders live in a society free of totalitarianism like we had in the past, kings and queens, emperors, dictators so on.
Instead of bashing men, maybe society should give men, a little credit, in recognition of said sacrifice, after all, considering the way the world is headed at the moment, feminists like clara, erin, and hillary might still need those they demonize to be free to say the stupid thing they do...
Unless they believe an army of radical breast fed feminists will be able to defend their world against other nations which might take advantage and take what these fools where given by the sacrifice of so many men in the past...freedom of speech. (good luck with that one)

We don't want to be above women, nor behind or in front, we want them at our side, so we can talk to each other in order to give the next generation the best of us and make their lives just a little better than we had.

Life is simple, recognize stupidity, idiocy, radicalism, hypocrisy, irrationality, and we will do just fine, laugh at them, expose them, even pity them for they are headed towards a really lonely retirement in their ol'age...
And if some do take their bullshit seriously, TNC hopes it works out for ya....

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