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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Female gym teacher, charged with 30 counts of rape. Downfall of catholic schools.

24-year-old Megan Mahoney was a gym teacher at Moore Catholic High School in New York until she quit back in January when she was spotted in a pizza joint with one of her 16-year-old students and feared for her reputation. However, the charges caught up with her eventually and just last week she was charged with 30 counts of statutory rape, along with various other sex crimes. Her fling with the 16-year-old boy took place for three months and had them having sex twice a week – on campus, in her car, and pretty much anywhere they could get away with it.

Interestingly enough, this isn't the first time Moore Catholic High School has been embarrassed with such scandals – there’s been another female basketball coach accused of similar sexual relationships with students by the New York Post before.
It’s also alleged that the school’s principal and another basketball coach knew all about the sexual allegations but refrained from reporting them to police.
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More and more we are seeing the abuse female teacher are caught doing, especially sexually, directed at boys, and even young girls..
I do believe the backlash here is the idiotic false statistics feminists and their manginas keep on inventing to promote anti male propaganda...Somewhere down the line, those involved in the justice system, especially men have just about had enough of it and are feverishly going after women for committing rapes on boys, to show it is not one gender doing it but both....
The more these female teachers are brought to justice the more this will show feminism is about man hate, their 1 in 4, or 1 in 3, and everything else they lie about shows they have no intention of been honest, but only to promote themselves personally or hide behind their inferiority complex...Rape is not committed by men, or women for that matter, but by individuals who are outside the main stream of good people. And both gender are capable of it...equally. When the hags blame only one group, namely men, they promote sexual abuse of children(boys) by denying it even exists.

As for catholic schools...
In my experiences, they have become worse than public schools, I don't know why, but many are anti parent and have been taken over by radical feminists, especially here in Perth ontario.
They preach one thing, but behind the curtain, not so holier than thou.
When I switched to public schools I had more co-operation behind the scene from them, they cared and worried about the education of my daughter, whereas local catholic schools where extremely confrontational, especially at st johns catholic high school in perth ontario.
Nothing sexual that I know of, but extremely anti father. Investigating the issue with other parents, I found I was not the only one that believed they where more strict only to find it was really run by a group of nightmarish people who thrive on aggressive confrontation with parents...
So when I read the story above, it does not surprise me and would recommend parents to either stay away or look firmly into what other parents say before sending you kids to any catholic schools....

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