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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Debunking feminism...Majority of violent assaults vs girls is done by...other girls. Kids thought the wrong lessons.

The most violence performed on young girls is..other girls...

Unless we start admitting violence is an individual human failure, not a gender based one, this will never go away or properly address, thanks to feminism.
The "all men bad" talking points of feminism and their manginas keeps the issue away from reality, "men and women, mothers and fathers, family" is the answer to this growing problem with teenagers, not feminism. They need guidance not divisive "men achieve power through rape" amongst many others messages as we have in my corner of the world. Local feminist even made a DV video which could not be proven. (I have researched this specific claim, and even asked them to send me some link to it, did not get nor could we find any, not saying it's not true, but one would figure such a horror story would have some kind of reference to it). Such policies divert reality for personal gains at the expense of a secure future, when they should be teaching kids that people as a whole are more apt to achieve more by recognizing the good instead of accusing everyone around them to be bad and promoting destructive behaviour.

As long as these people keep on thriving on "false messages" of divisions, promoting slut walks, immoral behaviour and demonizing parents for personal and financial gains, society as we know it will fall, because the problem is not based on only one group as feminists and their manginas try to push on us, it goes deeper than that.
The watering down of parental rights, intrusion by the state through their corrupt child protection agencies is preventing families from teaching moral values to kids when they are in need of it.
Parents are now so afraid of the state and feminist controlled social programs like the C.A.S. here in Ontario, that kids are now aware of their new found power against mom and dad, and when that happens, all hell breaks loose.
Can't blame the kids, at an important time of their lives, when they need to learn, they are thought the wrong lessons, thanks to the inferior intellect of those who thrive on pain and destruction for their salaries.
When one group (feminism) advances their power through demonizing another (men, husbands, fathers, so on), as we seen so many times in history, it is called a hate group.
The nazies, the kkk,  and so many others thrived on division, so why accept policies from those who, as they did, destroy what the previous generation try to give us, freedoms and equality based on individual responsibility.
The total annihilation of radical man-hating feminism, is as important as eradicating any hate group, as adults we can handle ourselves, (well most of us anyway), but the kids, as we see above can be thought the wrong lessons, and the major problem is, they are the adults of the future.
Slut walks for instance, is not the main problem, it is what they learn from it, that personal responsibility is no longer important  and that is, there are bad people out there who do not follow the rules, if I have a bag of money, I don't walk through a dark alley, even though I have the right, because I know I might get mugged. Kids are thought by the lowly feminist and her mangina that all is allowed, and guess what...
That's exactly what is going on nowadays, and as we said, these are the kids who will bring this message into adulthood.
Doesn't bode well for the future does it....

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