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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Commonwell mutual insurance group; another local business show support for anti male rhetoric.

Commonwell mutual insurance group, has now joined the club of businesses that support anti male rhetoric. What women, (or men) outside of radical feminism and their manginas would associate themselves with someone who supports, this kind of statements;
Recognize that male power is upheld by rape and sexual harassment.
All men rape.
Erin Lee, erin lee todd,
During sporting events like super bowl, play-offs, men buy beer and beat their loved ones.
At Xmass time men get drunk and abuse their wives
Erin Lee, erin lee todd,
It is not the place of shelter staff to determine if claims of abuse are true or not
Promoting slut walks to young girls as a form of female empowerment.

As for businesses like Commonwell mutual insurance group and their donation, (feb 5th 2015) they will now be associated with the statement above..
Erin Lee, erin lee todd, commonwell mutual, insurance group,
Now a member of the club of shame for local businesses (lanark county, perth, smiths falls, almonte, so on) that support anti male rhetoric....

Siding with an organisation which identifies males as rapists, promotes young girls to dress like sluts, abuses their position for personal vendettas, is not very good policy when your trying to run a business...But then again, feminism has never been know for smart decisions, businesses or otherwise.

Many other anti-male stories with false statistics have popped up in the local left wing media, as in over 2000 calls of domestic violence, which in an earlier post we totally destroyed that bullcrap .
Their statistics did not match that of the local constabulary.
Children suffer at the hands of false accusations....
Peter's story...
Notice the date...this has been going on for a very long time.
Closet confining seems to be a favorite accusation coming from this shelter...
So is any accusations against fathers for custody purposes,
Financial gains and to be put on the top of the emergency help list for welfare and housing.
One simply has to say ABUSE and years of hell is in the cards for any father.

So when businesses support this shelter they support false statistics. And that includes media who promotes them.
What this county needs is a realistic access to everyday life, not a radical left wing newspaper that "imposes" their views on the rest because they have a monopoly as the only one in the area.

Men (or women) who have power did NOT achieve it through rape,but through hard work, and to refer to them as such is a personal insult to anyone who genuinely want to make changes for the better. And when businesses and politician side with the staff of this shelter, they show their weaknesses and unwillingness to affect necessary changes to our society, hate is hate and must be recognized as such, if they enjoy been "recognized as rapists and abusers", then something is wrong with these people and should not be in a position of power.

We have more than made it clear, anyone supporting such a corrupt organization which thrive on demonization of men, targeting of children, stay at home moms, for financial gain will not go un-noticed.

We are not saying shelters should be closed, but they should be watched so as to make sure, money donated to them goes to those who truly need the help, not to those who abuse it with the support of the staff of these places.

As for Commonwell mutual insurance group, welcome to the Business Club of Shame of lanark county and beyond.
And we call on all residents, male and female to boycott such businesses, till they recognize that sons, husbands, brothers and father do not achieve power at the expense of the women in their lives.

Add to the list of businesses who the statement "men achieve power through rape";
Andress' Independent Grocer in Smiths Falls for supporting LCIH $815.20!!!!


Anonymous said...

theres someone i wont be dealing with anytime soon.

Dad in Almonte said...

Me neither