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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Can I get..gone bananas...School suspend kid for hobbit ring.

Texas School Suspends 9-Year-Old For Terrorism Because He Brought Imaginary Hobbit Ring To Class
A nine-year-old boy has been suspended by officials at a Texas school because they believe bringing an imaginary Hobbit ring to class is an act of terrorism.

This being Texas, of course, school officials for some reason believed Aiden was making threats of terrorism against his friends with a magical object and suspended him, much to the disbelief of his parents.

John Steward, Aiden’s father, told the New York Daily News, “It sounded unbelievable.”

Principal Roxanne Greer has cowardly declined to comment on the matter, citing student privacy, but it’s most likely that she is just too embarrassed about the situation to make a statement.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Kermit Elementary has punished Aiden for things that seem to only bother Texas.

Aiden once brought his favorite book to school to impress his teacher, but school officials freaked out because “The Big Book of Knowledge” had a section about pregnancy and included an illustration of a pregnant woman. In another innocuous incident, Aiden referred to a black student as black, which drew yet another suspension from the school.

To recap, school officials at Kermit Elementary School in Texas have suspended a boy three times for three ridiculous reasons. They couldn't handle an imaginary magical ring from a beloved work of fantasy fiction which is carried by many school libraries. They couldn't handle a children’s book full of facts that help kids learn. And they couldn't handle a nine-year-old boy knowing what color a classmate’s skin is.

Where the heck are we heading with this b*llshit....schools are loosing it, these are kids and imagination is not allowed???

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Anonymous said...

Whats next "beware of childrens playground, could contain terrorists"?Whatever happened to they r just kids.