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Thursday, January 15, 2015

When did posing naked on the web become empowering for women? Who does it empower? Women's achievements or feminists?

Definition: an ideology that's completely run out of anything valid to do to justify it's existence.
Women should not have to be naked to feel comfortable in their own body,things people come up with these days in the name of feminism makes me sad.. maybe we should teach young girls about self respect instead of promoting them as sluts to empower those who feel insecure about themselves, because that seems to be fading in the past few decades,posing naked wont help in achieving respect!

Women have build empires, run multi national business,
fought in wars, for freedoms, for generations to come,
One jpeg
Two jpeg
When did we ever seen feminism talk about that?
Yet still to this day, this takes second string to exposing themselves.
We have to ask ourselves, who in these cases show women as nothing but a sex toy and a victim?
The patriarchy or the feminists???
Tell me, if a woman shows her naked body on the internet, is it taken as empowering?
Or just another naked women to be gawked at???
When it comes to self respect, who speaks for young women, those who push them to behave or adopt an immoral lifestyle or the rest of us who reminds them they are more than that, to have some degree of self respect and to work towards showing who we really are?
When they pose naked on the internet, they are just that, naked women. On the other hand, when women post their achievements to make the world a better place, fight as hard as anyone to protect the morals of the young, raise families, guide boys and girls towards self respect and the road to prosperity, sacrifice all for the better good, they become more than a naked woman on the web, we become the example to follow, that's the true definition of womanhood.
As for #herself, just another site for the perverted to check out and don't be fooled, those women do it for exhibitionist tendencies, it has nothing to do with empowerment...
There is such a thing as art, photography, paintings, but it's a big difference between that and the reasoning this site claims, feminism doesn't do it for art, but to show women are nothing but a naked body to be exploited, forgetting we are more than what they portray us as...We are not victims, we are an equal part of the circle and the web of life.
Thank you feminism. Another path to demean women.

Post written by (Temporary administrator) Nizhoni of the Navaho for TNC.

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