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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The lowly mangina. The weakest of us all. Hindering our freedoms and safety.

The Mangina; a male that has been shamed or coerced by feminists to such a degree that he psychological castrates himself, in order to receive some acceptance from them. He is essentially a psychological transsexual that rejects everything male in his character and hopes to be accepted as a second class woman.
His inferiority complex towards other males, prevent from seeing himself as nothing more than an obeying poodle used and laughed at by those whom he hopes accepts his weakness.
In other words, even the feminist sees him as a weak excuse of a male to be used and discarded once they are done with him.

Ironically, freedoms, whether for the feminist and or her mangina poodle, the strength of man, real men, is the main ingredient to ensuring their right to speak freely and say the things they do. Without the person they keep on bitching about, none of their freedoms would be protected.

We all have a place in this world, different but equally capable of making life better for all, especially our children, as long as we all work together. There are things men can do women cannot, and vice versa, one cannot survive without the other, when we recognize our differences and how we can apply them to enhance life, the next generation will have a chance to live without the difficulties of the previous one...
If we where to listen to the feminist and her mangina, divisions they preach would keep us from advancing to a better world...

If by chance the feminist of the west was to have total victory and change man into their manginas, (which will never happen), who would defend their right to exist? Who would be the backbone of architecture, or construction, or military?
Under their idealism,  the west would be seen as a weakness to be taken advantage of. Sure there would be armies, but with a weaken male population, unwilling to fight and even die, because they where told they where the cause of all the woes of the world, such a society would fall to a more aggressive foe.
In the world of the mangina, weakness is his character, unwilling to make the necessary sacrifice for others, and this will be the eventual destruction of the idealism of weakness the group he associates himself with.
His feminist masters, those who use him to advance themselves financially or politically will also fall.

We will only advance to a better society when we all accept who we are, and try to recognize we do not all think alike, whether individually, nationally or by civilisation...
As much as we would like to believe we are capable of legislating human behaviour, this is not nor will it come to pass, only an idiot would believe this, especially with what's going on in the world at the moment. We have seen what happens when part of the world doesn't obey our way of looking at things, bomb the sh*t out of them, call them terrorists, destroy one group, then the next one and the next.
Every time we destroy one, another takes it's place, and still they keep on coming. They just do not want what the west offers.

Even in our own society, instead of accepting our differences, we fight each other, impose contrary belief on one another, working with each other is out of the question, war is always better, whether with words or weapon.

Many of us do not agree with the lifestyle some have chosen, but we do accept they have the right to live in peace and security. This is worth defending.
But the mangina, guided by feminists, imposes their beliefs and no opposing opinions are allowed. This promotes resentment, dislikes and even hate.  He is incapable of understanding what the strength of man is, and that is to protect and provide a life free of pain, his view is, all should live with his weaknesses, including all the world around him. In order to prove himself, he hides his inferiority complex with policies that divide those around him, the same policies which made him inferior in the first place...

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