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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hatred of men is used by feminists to achieve gains. Jess Zimmerman

The Guardian Author: All Men Should be Murdered 
When we, as women read this kind of hatred, then look at the men in our lives, we see something different.
Frankly, I can only speak for my own circle, but I and family and friends have never seen this as a male policy towards women, sure there are dicks out there, but as a whole, men hating women is one of the most ridiculous, bullshit lies feminists are well known for.
Of course when someone like zimmerman exposes her true self it shows her and women like her, the conditions in which their lives revolves around,loneliness. After all, they are surrounded by others who hate and pass their lives shunned by good men who know exactly what and who they are.
The world these people live in is a sad one, I can only imagine the dark clouds they're under, hate, anger, negativity, who would want to live under those conditions, so it is understandable they are always bitchy.
It is also sad they do not realise the conditions they will find themselves in the long run.

Post written by Nizhoni of the Navaho for TNC.

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