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Friday, January 30, 2015

Feminists disrupt Dr. Janice Fiamengo while trying to speak about rape culture at O.U.

Streamed live on Mar 28, 2014
This event was disrupted almost immediately by protesters. An edited version with extra footage will be posted soon. Please subscribe so that you will be updated automatically. See below to jump ahead to content:

A brief update of the situation is given on camera at 14:35

Reuben from CAFE gives an impassioned talk to the audience at 17:56

Denise from CAFE gives an update at 24:10

The camera is turned to the audience at 24:55

Campus security guards implore the audience to be respectful at 27:10

Janice Fiamengo returns to the podium at 29:20

Protesters become abusive almost immediately after Dr. Fiamengo begins to speak at 29:46.

Updates at 44:35 and 45:25
This is another reason radical feminism is loosing support from all aspect of life...
Their lack of understanding of what freedom of speech means, it means to listen and respect all points of views...

The childish behaviour of feminists and their manginas is not only ridiculous but embarrassing.
And as Dr. Fiamengo explains: 29:40 min.
" It is the tendency of totalitarianism to quash dissent"
"why are you so afraid to hear an opposing opinion..."

When a group tries to shut down opposing points of views that's called totalitarianism, hence the expression feminazis, fits.

Here is the stupidity of feminism...,someone (46:00 min.)explains that the protesters where making marxist chants, (strangely enough a marxist state would have thrown then in a gulag) and they also claim they where shutting down the speech to protect freedom of speech...the idiocy of it all is simply baffling...

The more they do this, the more people join organisations like cafe, as Canadians we do not allow disruptions in freedoms. As cafe explains, those who were on the fence came to understand and support them and the fact that feminism is not about equality but an imposition without dissent of their views which borders on "communism or totalitarianism".

Personal opinion;
I do believe in order to protect freedom of speech, the primary reason d'etre of any democracy, those who were disrupting the lecture should have been given the choice, respect freedoms, wait for their time to speak or be thrown out, even arrested.
Feminism and manginism in action...

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