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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Well well well, remember the 2 sisters from India, heroes of the western media and feminists?

They might have been picking on an ol'lady and the men where protecting her.....

Is there another version of the Rohtak incident?

However, if certain reports are to be believed, the whole episode may well turn out to be only one side of the truth. A report published in The News Minute says it is possible the sisters were at fault and that the three men acted in self-defence, a claim not yet confirmed by the Haryana Police or other authorities.

The claim of the three men is backed by a man called Govind K Singathia who posted a message on Janmat, a Facebook forum. Singathia claims that the girls were travelling in a bus which broke down and the driver moved them to another bus, in which the three alleged assaulters were already travelling.

"These girls got on the bus and tried to sit in the seats with the same seat numbers from the bus that had broken down. They asked an old lady and one of the men to move from the seats which had their seat numbers. The boys then asked the old woman not to get up. But the girls persisted and troubled the old lady and she finally got up and sat on a discarded tyre in the bus. The girls then demanded the boy to get up and started cursing them to which the boys retaliated as well, cursing them equally. After the verbal argument between the girls and the boys, the girl handed her phone to another girl on the bus and asked her to make an mms of her teaching this boy a lesson. She then took out her belt and started hitting him. All the passengers tried to stop her. If it was really the boys fault, the passengers wouldn't have sat idle. This is Haryana. Not Delhi," the Facebook post says.

In his post, Singathia further alleged that the old woman tried to file an FIR but the police turned her away.

The residents of Kansla village in Rohtak, from where the three accused hail, have also served an ultimatum on the district administration to release the three boys within 24 hours. The residents alleged that a false FIR has been registered against the three and they have been falsely implicated. They also claimed that it was not a case of alleged molestation but a dispute over seats in the bus.

Has a second video showing the Rohtak sisters emerged?

In another twist to the tale, another video surfaced on Tuesday in which the same sisters are shown beating up a young man who allegedly harassed them in a public park in Mumbai. The sisters said the footage is a month old.

When a TV channel asked them how both the incidents were shot just when they began hitting the men and that the videos show no context of the fights, Puja said anyone could have filmed it. "I am in the news so these videos are now coming out... These videos must have been shot by passers-by who might have been worried about my safety," she told the TV channel.

There is a point to be had there...the so called videos only show these girls hitting the men, not the cause of the whole incident...

As for cbc, ctv, cnn and all it's feminists and their manginas, Maybe, just maybe, they should wait, or God forbid, investigate the real story, instead of making up their own, blaming all men as bad and sexual horn dogs???

Whatever the truth, we'll keep an eye on this one, since western pro-feminist anti men propaganda can't, and only reports what "they" want us see as news, not reality....

If this comes out these girls where picking on an old lady for her seat, then that's another pie in the face of western media. It shows they will do anything to demonize males, wherever they are, to promote feminism and manginism, at the expense of honest reporting combined with research...
You know...just to see if it's f*cking true or not...

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