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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Should paid menstrual leave be an option in Canada?

A doctor in the U.K. says he believes female workers should be offered paid menstrual leave. Part of his argument for women taking time off is that it could, inevitably, lead to a more productive workforce.
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Japan, Taiwan and Indonesia, there's a pillar of civilisation to compare to...
Under those circumstances, women would have a hard time getting hired wouldn't they?...Pushing back the advances they have made?
Of course this came out of the cbc, didn't mentioned anything about...sick leave ?
What is comforting to read is, women are against it because it does not offer equality between men and women but points out women only...Which means that feminist radicalism is not alive and well with the ladies...

Some comments...
-Honestly no. We have been fighting for equality and to have the same rights as men for over 100 years and I believe that this would set us back 100 years

-It's called sick leave

-How about if all employers offer adequate paid sick time for all employees regardless of gender? Then employees could take days off for painful periods without it becoming an issue. Honestly, if women want equality in the workforce, this will NOT help achieve that.

-This would be very difficult for their Co workers having them away so much

-Doesn't this fall under regular sick days?

-Being equal to me means equal opportunity for success. I do not have that with current mat leave and day care options in canada. Families - not just women - need more support in order for everyone to have equality

-I think it should be up to the businesses. If it boosts productivity and makes for a more pleasant work environment, all while making their female employees happier, I can't imagine them not taking advantage of it.Of course if you're going to mandate it, then I have a problem. Then you're just opening the floodgates to all sorts of things. I'm a believer in total equality under the law, while socially respecting and embracing the differences between men and women.

-If you're someone who is genuinely incapacitated by it then by all means, take a sick day. But it shouldn't have it's own special leave allowance. I work with all women & yes, we tend to line up so we can't all take the same days off

As we can see from these comments from "women", this issue is called sick leave, and most would consider special leave for women as a form of inequality...I would say that these ladies are basically saying, been a woman is not a disease.
And as we said, businesses, especially small or those who are just starting would be more apt to hire men than women...this is not discrimination, it would be financial survival.

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