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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Rolling stone story about rape at the u.v. might be another hoax...

Original story Credits to MRI
The University of Virginia gang rape story is collapsing. The only source is a Rolling Stone story published last week by Sabrina Rubin Erdely, who tells the story of a “Jackie.”

Erdely spins a lurid tale of sex and violence in as an innocent freshman named 'jackie" went with a date to a frat party. Jackie was excited when her date, “Drew,” a member of the prestigious fraternity, invited her upstairs. After being ushered into a dark room, Jackie was assaulted by 7 other men who were lying in wait. and they brutally gang raped her. The article details her hours-long violent assault.

When other journalists have attempted to follow up on the article , sources cited by Erdely, they don't seem to exist.

Nevertheless with no credence of this myth having occurred the President of UV has suspended every fraternity on campus and the witch hunt continues.

Is it possible the story of 'Jackie' was competently fabricated?

Rolling Stone whiffs in reporting on alleged rape.

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