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Friday, December 12, 2014

In local news; Social programs falling apart, thanks to our local women's shelter.

Last night, in one of the local housing projects, all h*ll broke loose, police where called, screaming, kicking, alcohol, drugs, scared kids, scared mothers, all thanks to our local women's shelter.
Two residences of this housing project who cause all this fuss came directly from the women's shelter. It was admitted a while back that housing does not have a choice and has to accept those who come from this shelter first before genuine needy families, who themselves are on the waiting list for years.
Both these girls do not have their kids, according to local reports, one was even told to tell housing she had her kids in order to get first crack at 3 bedroom residence by the staff of this shelter, her kids been in foster care, this is pretty revolting when you know people are waiting for these homes.
The other who lost hers, had an arrest warrant against her, has been seeing the man whom she claim assaulted her, even housing him in the home she was given, she has been warned by local police, if she was seen with him again she would be charged, making her claims a little doubtful...
A while back one woman admitted she could ask anything from this shelter and they would do it for her, she had her boyfriend charged, yet while he was going to court, he bought her an engagement ring and they where seen together on many occasions. Again, making her story also doubtful and another false statistics which shelters use to promote themselves.
H*ll, (no pun intended), there has even been false accusations of devil worshipping and witchcraft against men coming from that crazy place...(Ya, that's an eye opener...lol.)

Why is all this important, well, because on many occasions we have pointed out this shelter has promoted false statistics to increase their self worth, and as we can see, at the expense of those who need these homes to better their lives...
As we have reported before, in 2012, they claimed over 2000 calls to their shelter while the local police admitted to only 59 calls of domestic violence....
Let's say for the sake of arguments, they did get 2000 calls, doesn't mean they where all honest, more than half are usually for quick access to housing, revenge, false claim of assaults, vendettas, custody of the kids, so on, do they weed these out to give a clearer picture of reality, of course not, putting in their statistics those who make false claim for whatever reason, increases their funding.
In the meantime those who do suffer under such a disturbing policy are kids and fathers.......
Practically every week we see articles in the local courier, (metroland media) about this shelter asking for money. At the last report, they get over a million a year from government of Ontario, yet this is not enough?
Reports through investigation has shown that if a woman does not want to charge anyone, she is treated like dirt. Children are put into a situation with drug addicts and mentally disturbed people, and if any mother decides to say anything they are threatened to be sent out of the town they came from.
This all point to one policy, one mandate, funding, financial gains at the expense of the help some of these women and children need.
Accepting any claims of abuse, without vetting them takes away from those who need the help, it alienates children from fathers under dubious claims. There is abuse in welfare, housing and everything in between.

I can't speak of all shelters, but this specific one has files on any man who is mentioned by the residents, guilty or most of the time, not.
They promote abortion over life. One resident told us the staff mentioned "why would you want a man's baby" to another resident.
Preferential treatment is given to those who pursue charges against men, whether they are real or not.
In one case, the staff told my source, a man has to be charged and in jail before they can make a claim for compensation. Considering what "they" put someone through in the past year, this is a bold face lie....
They, with the help of the local unscrupulous feminists lawyers can drag a man's  name in the dirt, with the most ridiculous of accusations, even when police reports show differently.

So, man bad, always, false claims, false statistics, abuse of the social programs, inflated salaries, undeserved funding, corruption, lies, dislike for the male species, all performed by, what can only be described as, cat loving lonely ol'hags who have lived under a negative cloud so long that they can never get out from under it...and they call themselves, "the experts".
Local social programs as welfare and housing are as guilty by association with all this, they know what's going on, yet co-operate with what can only be described as corruption.

So, here is an offer, if this shelter admits, honestly that some of the claims which comes to their doors are false and or exaggerated, which we have clearly shown, we will donate $100 to the charity of their choice...and will write a positive report on the issue.


Anonymous said...

""So, here is an offer, if this shelter admits, honestly that some of the claims which comes to their doors are false and or exaggerated, which we have clearly shown, we will donate $100 to the charity of their choice...and will write a positive report on the issue.""

It will be a cold day in hell before these feminazi father assassin's sacrifice their million $$$ funding for a bit of truth.If they do? I will add $100 to your pot.


Dad in Almonte said...

This shelter is well known for anti male policy.If they tell the truth,Count me in for 100 also.

Stay at Home mom said...

To see them admit and be honest for once,I'm in,I'll donate 100.
And by the way,I dont raise my sons to get power through rape,and no way my daughter will ever dress like a slut for them.My husband is a good man and a good provider.I live in C.P. and thats all we ever hear from that shelter,all men are always bad according to them.Sexually frustrated old dried up biddies.

Gilles said...

like the comment say, never going to happen but if they do decide to be honest, put me in for 100.

BlackWolf said...

Lol, thanks for the support, but I'm pretty sure this wont go anywhere. Lying is in their blood, nothing will change that other than getting rid of those who work there.