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Saturday, December 20, 2014

False accusations, fighting back and feminist in denial.

Feminists often claim that "no woman would ever lie about rape", but that is simply not true. We showed stories here about women who do just that, and how it devalues the word "rape" and bring immediate suspicion upon everybody who uses the word.

Often, the false accuser is defended vehemently by feminists, even with no evidence, as is evidenced by Duke and Hofstra, where many mainstream sources and feminists authors absolutely bashed the accused men, even with no proof and even AFTER they were proven innocent with concrete evidence.

If feminists really cared about rape, they would call out these false accusers, lambaste them in the media, set up committees and use their hundreds of millions in funding to do away with them, but alas, they do not. They defend them, excuse them and say "oh well, that's only 1%-8% of ALL claims", instead of recognizing it is a prevalent issue.

Until feminists do this, we will refuse to believe they actually do care or address this issue for women in any legitimate fashion.
Above story Credit goes to Exposing Feminism

False accusations is a direct result of feminist refusing to admit there is a problem, as the statement above mentions.
The easiness of which a simple yell of rape to get even, get revenge or financially gain from it, is simply dangerous to everybody, every time someone cries rape, we now wonder if it's true or not. The justice system have to ask question that puts them in a precarious situation, they now have to go on the assumption that it might be a lie, and usually the investigators are female police officers.
Is there an answer to been falsely accused...?
Suing them is a way to do it but it usually does not re-establish ones reputation or honor in some cases since the media and the actual accusation does not totally disappear...
Barbara Kay: Rape culture and the delusions of the feminist mind
Sexual assault claims are dismissed by Ottawa Police at a rate 10 times higher than that of any other crime.
"There is double harm in the figures," said Crew. "Once the notion gets out there that women are falsely reporting rape, it damages the notion of a woman who comes forward to police being credible at all. Then, when the police announce that they have determined that a rape claim was false, it sends a message to other sexual assault victims that you need to be cautious about going to the police for fear that they may not believe you. (well said)

Though I do not agree with all of this report, especially...
According to the Sexual Assault Support Centre of Ottawa, only 6% of all sexual assaults are ever reported to police.
Remember, according to their definition of rape, you could be a horn dog of a sex fiend if you just happen to look at some fine looking lady.
So if the other 94% is based on stare rape, or a simple glance, a compliment, a touch on the shoulder, let's not forget if both are drunk and have sex, then a wake up in the morning and bam your a pervert because you took advantage of a inebriated women, forgetting both were by the way, it's all the man's fault because the women is considered too weak to make such choice while drunk, or she has a conscience attack because she has to go home to the husband or boyfriend, take those out of the 94% and that number goes down considerably.
But realistically, we know how these people exaggerate the actual number out of self promotion, or simply, their beliefs, that men are all bad, all born rapists, or as lanark county's feminists believe, all men achieve power through rape and sexual harassment. Under those circumstances, no wonder their numbers are so elevated...

The false reporting rate for sexual assaults, according to Sexual Assault Support Centre of Ottawa, is only 2%.
That itself is bullshit,(pardon my french), if it is so, then why is it so easy to find false accusations on the web, and I'm not talking about personal stories only but also by media who are are starting to expose these facts.
In the past few years, we can find an equal amount or false accusations to real ones, so stick your 2% where the sun don't shine, that also is...false.

So, as we see, false claims are a problem not only to the falsely accused but also to the real victims, the justice system, families, relationships, and the failure of feminists to admit it; and to promote it as an unimportant problem shows they do not care about anyone but their personal belief that all men are created equal, we are all horn dogs who need to be controlled and all women are victims.
And this is what is causing the increase in false accusations, of course the majority of women are not like this, but there is a good number who will go on this path for revenge, custody of the children in a separation or simply to avoid paying for cab fare...

In my personal experiences, women's shelters are at the forefront of false accusations, many women who go through those doors, will use it for custody of children, easy access to emergency help and housing, revenge, financial gains.

In the meantime,those who do need the help see the funding meant for them go to those who don't deserve it....
If anything, and we do admit there are real victims of crime, that is a reality, but it does further victimises them by not admitting false reports are a big problem, not only for them, but for all concerned...
And who do we thank for all this? Feminism, or what's left of it.


Anonymous said...

I used to talk to the cab driver in the above case. When I attempted to do a follow up on the result of his lawsuit he had virtually disappeared.

A friend told me it was all settled but their was a confidentiality clause where the details of the settlement could not be disclosed. This is why he disappeared,he could not discuss anything about the case.


BlackWolf said...

I have no doubt, this seems to be an ongoing thing lately...