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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Erin Pizzey takes control of whiteribbon.org. Exposing the truth behind the DV industry.

Domestic violence pioneer Erin Pizzey has requested to take the reins of whiteribbon.org, an information based website dedicated to disseminating long ignored truths about the nature of Intimate Partner Violence. The site is also dedicated to exposing the lies and misinformation of those who raise money and influence policy with a misleading, gendered model of the problem.

The entire AVFM management team can think of no one better qualified for this position. It was Erin Pizzey, after all, who founded the worldwide battered women’s shelter movement, and Erin who was also the first person to encounter vicious attacks from feminist ideologues bent on co-opting the movement for financial gain.
Effective immediately, AVFM has transferred ownership of whiteribbon.org to Erin Pizzey, but will be providing web hosting services and any other support we can to assist in her quest to further evidence-based solutions to the problem of domestic violence.
The control of whiteribbon.org to E. Pizzey can only be a plus for families and true victims, regardless of gender. 
Been honest about what's going on, and why, is very important to fully understand what reality is, that it is not a patriarchal dominated problem, but one that is based on individuals regardless of gender, something feminist organisations, the women's shelter industry and their manginas refuse to do...
On many occasion we have exposed the real policy behind the business of DV, it is based on financial gain, not the victims themselves or other personal reasons which sometimes escapes us.
Fore example...
Recently, what we called, the battle of the banners of lanark county, local feminists of all kinds, women's shelter, with the support of local political manginas can have a banner stretched out across a street, asking for...yes, money, promoted by those who demonize all men as rapists, while a family oriented organisation banner who try to point out the evils of pornography on the unity of families is demonized as a faith based brainwashing tool and promoting religion, which they did not. 
The contradiction local politicians who where against the anti-porn banner was this, mayor of Perth Ontario and his one supporter claimed using city property was wrong, separation of church and state thing, (again this banner did NOT promote religion in any way), yet, using city property and a local school, a gay pride parade was organized and pro-feminist banners from the local shelter, which is known for it's anti male propaganda, using city property asking for money in the next town was OK.
The point is not gay against heterosexual, (so please), it is the systematic imposition of one point of view over another...In other words, the twisted idea that if you don't see things the way they see it, they will contradict their own arguments to divide society. 
Promoting one way of life, using city property is OK, even one that attack men at every turn as been rapists, but God forbid if you promote a healthy relationship between couples, (gay or heterosexual) and the destructive nature of porn on said relationships?

False statistics, false accusation and false reports pointing only to one group(men), forgetting or ignoring the other does not in any way fix the problem, if there is one. It actually creates another by continuing the victimization of those who seek help by not openly looking at the what,why,who, when and where.
Though this site mainly concentrate on the action of the locally based DV industry and their falsified reports and statistics, we have realised and shown on many occasion this "industry" is based on financial gains at the expense of true victims, targeting the young, promoting hate and a certain way of life to children at the expense of men(and women) everywhere.
When we have the local shelter reporting over 2250 reports of DV, and the local constabulary admits to only 59 calls during that same year, it goes to wonder, how many of the shelters claims where...false accusations.
Nothing we do is here-say, it is based on research and hours or reading. Local shelter supporting media. as the courier and radio stations have done absolutely nothing to try to look at the truth, which would greatly help those who truly seek help for the right reasons. Their blind support, financial or otherwise only exacerbate the problem and promote the false information passed on by the local shelter, it's staff and those who bow at their knees.
False information, false accusations, all of them against men, husbands, bf's and fathers does not put a dent in fixing what they say is a problem, on the contrary, it increases it. Promoting the idea that if you want a path to easy welfare, housing, and other financial benefit this shelter offers in co-operation with local social programs, in other words, to be put at the top of the list, the only thing you have to do is make an accusation, takes away from those who are there for honest reasons.
On their facebook page, the local shelter posted a link from the (surprise surprise)...huffington post whom they quote the ywca report that 460,000 sexual assaults in Canada each year, which dates back to 2009.
Is there any reference to how many where falsified, faked for custody purposes or revenge and vendetta minded? No, not a one. Take those into account and the numbers drastically comes down.
Shoot, according to these numbers, your a woman, get the f*ck out of Canada. 

But it doesn't end there, now keep in mind police investigations on sexual assaults are usually made by...female cops...So, who do they blame for the supposed lack of conviction? 
In a 2009 Canadian national survey, women reported 460,000 incidents of sexual assault in just one year. Only about 10% of all sexual assaults are reported to police.  When it comes to sexual assault, women are frequently not believed, blamed for being assaulted, “or subjected to callous or insensitive treatment, when police fail to take evidence, or when their cases are dropped arbitrarily.” Only a handful of reported assaults ever result in a conviction.
I tend to believe, when female cops investigate a sexual assault charge and press none, it's not because they want to victimize the victim but they found no viable proof or realised it was based on other reason than a real occurrence. I just don't see female police officers blame the victim or subject them to callous or insensitive treatments, for been assaulted sexually.
So, when we have thee types of claims, 460,000, without mentioning some where false, then their statistics are also false. We have to accept they refuse to point out not all where "real" but a good portion where "false", for financial reason, the more they demonize all men, the more money they get by shaming...again, men. Or in their case, the mangina. 
(Speaking from a "father's perspective", I would not recommend anyone sexually assaulting my daughters, and how many men feel this way, which puts in doubt their number)

Anyone who points out the corruption in the DV industry, it's feminist organisations and the women's shelter actually do more to eradicate true violence than those who claim to be experts at it, exposing their true actions can and will help the real victims. There is only one common denominator of those involved in the DV industry, feminist groups, women's shelter...and that is financial gains, usually personal gains.

It is therefore extremely important, women like E Pizzey and those like her take control of the DV industry, pry it away from the corrupt who see it as a personal tool of hate and false accusations to benefit themselves. To know the truth about what is really going on can only help out those who need it, to show what the real world is all about, that men and women are there for them, that men care just as much about their individual plight as women, that "together " we can achieve a heck of a lot more than been at each others throats. The reality of the man-hater and their use of victims to push their agenda, and that the so called experts are not what they claim, but the opposite.

The man hating feminist and her mangina, though still a dangerous and divisive group, have reach their peak. Recently they have tried everything to stay viable, but one thing is for sure, they are so deep in their hate they will never change, and for here on out, they will find themselves on the fringe of reality, pushed aside as nothing more than a group of cat loving ol'hags who are distant from the rest of us.
Fortunately, the young no longer see them as something whom they aspire to be...we still have the few like emma watson who use feminism as a tool to bolster their careers, and as we have read lately, lena dunham who feel so secure and safe as a feminist that she bragged about sexually abusing her younger sister, which puts more nails in the coffins of feminism, but in general, feminism and manginism is seen as a weakness of the spirit, and hopefully, soon, they will throw these "stay at home moms and man haters" into the "ANUS" of history.

On a personal note...
In my dealings with these man-hating cat lovin ol'hags, and their behaviour perfectly exposed them as such, showed nothing pointed to them caring for women. Their main objective was to pass men off as bad (men achieve power through rape, men beat their wives during sporting event and Christmas, teach men no to rape...as if, on and on) simply because of us been the male gender. My position as a caring parent did not matter to them, trying to be polite and diplomatic had no effect, but the one thing I noticed is their belief they could do anything they want based on their hate and some because of their choice of lifestyle.
I also noticed most had bad experiences with the men they had relationships with and therefore brought that with them and claimed to be experts. An expert is someone who looks at all possibility, not someone who brings hate and passes it on to others.
I have to admit they caught me by surprise for a while, I always believed one could find the good in all persons, but eventually I realise who they where and based my opinions not only on what I saw, but it guided me to look at what they did to others, and I found I was not the only one, that this behaviour of their was an established policy, hate men and shame the rest, while they sat on their fat asses and collected money for their own misgivings and personal opinions.
Either way, I resolved myself to show them, not all men are bowing manginas to their bullshit.

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