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Monday, December 22, 2014

As we become more informed about existence, we are bound to believe in a Creator...

Even in this golden age of secularism, vast majority of Canadians count themselves as members of a religion

Most Canadians will spend Christmas Day in a church pew, the country still has more than 10 million Catholics and there are more Canadians who believe in God than can remember all the words to O Canada.
Drawing on data from the 2011 National Household Survey, the University of Montreal’s Centre for Ethnic Studies compiled the numbers for a Christmastime report.
Of course, if comparable studies are any guide, asking Canadians what they think about God is a notoriously inaccurate exercise.
Just two years ago, a Forum Research poll found that only half of Canadians considered themselves religious. More surprising, an incredible 34% of Canadians rejected the idea of God altogether — the equivalent of more atheists than the entire Canadian population east of the Ottawa River.
And while the Centre for Ethnic Studies claims that fully 88% of Quebecers are religious, last year an Angus Reid Global survey found the somewhat contradictory statistic that 23% of La Belle Province viewed Christianity “unfavourably.”

Other religions, such as Buddhism and Judaism, scored even higher. Islam topped the charts, with 69% of Quebec respondents viewing the religion with disapproval.
Similar levels of religious ambiguity — or outright distrust — show up elsewhere. In Statistics Canada’s 2009 General Social Survey, only 22% of 15 to 29-year-olds saw religion as being highly important to them.
A mere seven years earlier, that number stood at 34%.

In 2008, a Harris-Decima survey found that 23% of Canadians had concluded there was no God. Of the 72% who remained believers, meanwhile, attitudes about God had begun to shift from visions of an all-powerful deity to a kind of nebulous force for good.
Statistics Canada’s own data found that no-god sentiments were growing, particularly quickly among teenagers: from 12% in 1984 to 32% in 2008
Yet, when it came time to check boxes on the 2011 National Household survey three years later, an incredible 82.3% of Canadians reported believing in God.
According to those same numbers, more than half of Canadians were going to a religious service at least once a year, and even in secular Quebec, 74.7% of respondents said they were Catholics.
Canada’s penchant for flip-flopping on God — or at least appearing to — has been noted before. Alberta sociologist Reginald Bibby, for one, has been arguing for years that many of Canada’s swelling numbers of “no religion” citizens may simply be going through a phase.
“Religious marketplaces in free-market settings like Canada are dynamic and ever-changing,” he wrote in a 2011 op-ed for the National Post.

Spiritual confusion is not relegated to the Great White North. Even in the church-going United States, it seems to be the culprit behind religious opinion polls that are oddly rife with contradictions.
This week, a holiday religion survey by the U.S. Pew Research Center revealed that among Americans who considered themselves “unaffiliated” with religion, 30% still believe in the biblical miracle of Jesus Christ being born to a virgin.
Thirty-one per cent of the unaffiliated also believed that the birth of Christ had been told to shepherds by an angel.


False statistics is nothing new if we understand what media has become these day...a propaganda tool to pass on their own and governments idea of how society should be instead of reporting the news...
"This is the 6 o'clock news and here is what we want you to believe", is always their main objectives. We saw this openly when cnn was caught many time reporting what they believe was important to them, all the while editing any contradictory words someone might say at the moment...That is not news, that is propaganda. (Josef Goebells would be proud)
We see many instances of manipulation by the media, take Christmas for instance, in the past years, it was a nono to mention it, even businesses went along with it. According to them it was insulting to minorities to even whisper the word, yet well wishes on Hanukkah, Ramadan, Ukrainian Christmas and many others came up on their news reports...and shoot, let's not insult the atheists...
So far the only TV station that still follow this BS is cbc and cnn, they will wish you a happy holiday and a happy new year, all in one phrase. As you can see they replace merry Christmas with happy holiday yet still mention new year....
They have lost their little war against Christmas, this year, businesses and some stations have realise this was not exactly going according to plan, those who did wish everyone a Merry Christmas had more positives than those who did not, so we see it more and more on advertisements.
The same thing is happening with the report above, polls and tv stations who "PAID" for them, manipulated the questions to benefit "their" beliefs, which we know are not ours.
Religion is seen as a negative for many, and that's the question they ask people, "do you believe in religion" then report that people no longer believe in the Creator. But if they would ask outright, "do you believe in the Creator", then you have a different result...in the positive.

We could go on and on, but our main contention on this issue is, majority of people, as they become more and more informed, partly thanks to the web, instead of propaganda stations, we see the universe around us as something that is so grand that it had to be created by a Supreme Being. There is just no way around it...
They can go on about their big bang, and we are not disputing it, though it is just a theory, but where does it come from, what was before, what keeps existence in perfect balance?
We live on a ball in an unending void, in a universe which has no end...Gravity, atoms, physics, stars, planets, galaxies, clusters of galaxies, in a universe which may contain many other parallel ones, even a 4th dimension, time itself.....all have one thing in common, "what the... keeps them together?"
When we start asking ourselves these questions, we go from "there is no God" to "there has to be one".
Therefore, the more intelligent we become as a species, the more we are apt to believe in the Creator, we have no other choice, because existence cannot be fully explained by science alone....

So the report above has 2 possibilities, one is they manipulate the question to benefit their own beliefs, in order to make us in "their own" image and 2, we are becoming more and more informed, intelligent and have decided to make up our own mind about what is real without outside interference.
Either way, faith in the Creator has never truly went away in people's beliefs, as hard as they tried, one cannot take away that image of  "there has to be something better than this", and the hopes that one day, we will be re-united with those we love....instead of been toys for the few to take what is not theirs. And then we die. Under those circumstances, why are we even here...what? for their enjoyment? I don't think so....

We are on the threshold of something amazing as a species, we are either going to destroy ourselves in a small insignificant poof, wars, diseases, hunger, greed. And if we do look at our place in all the universe we are not even one minute past twelve in the universal clock.
Or we are going to evolve away from the cannibalistic behaviour of those who hang on to their gold and personal power, becoming more than what they tried to make us into, their little puppets, laughing at us, causing death on a grand scale, all the while drinking their wine and munching on caviare...

The post above shows us there is an awakening to what reality is. We can now identify who is behind manipulation and why it exist. "CONTROL" for their own greed is what all this is about.

The world evolves not because of them, but because people decide to stay away from idiocy. 
If they and those who blindly follow them have the last word, we are not going to survive as a species, Mother Earth will find someone else to continue life. 
Russia, China, Ukraine, North Korea, ISIS, terrorism, torture, economic wars, oil, profits, corruption, racial divides, abortions, that's all they ever think about, not one of "them" has ever said for one f*cking second...
"if we don't take a step back, this time billions might die", because "they" just don't give one sh*t about you, your loved ones, your kids, or your place in life....they are already responsible for the death of millions, a few more won't matter....
Their times up and they know it, question is, will we have enough time to fix all this before they destroy it....?

We are not professional writers, not looking for a pulitzer, or to please any masters, we don't do it for money....
Those of us who do it from the heart, point out another way of doing things besides following the leader, if we ever wake up and say "ENOUGH" then all this will be for the good of humanity...and especially for the reason we are here, our kids. The next generation.
We have a simple philosophy, don't like us, don't read....


Here is a new year resolution....Be yourselves, don't follow.


Anonymous said...

Thank you,this is something I needed to read.I have faith but its always under attack and now I know why.

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