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Friday, December 12, 2014

Ann Coulter Defends Men Against ‘Epidemic Of False Claims Of Rape’

Ann Coulter Defends Men Against ‘Epidemic Of False Claims Of Rape’

In a recent appearance on ‘Hannity,’ columnist and author Ann Coulter responded to two stories currently in the news regarding allegations of rape. One case involves a University of Virginia student who claimed she was raped on campus, and the other is based on an accusation included in actress Lena Dunham’s new book.

Both accounts have subsequently been called into question, leading Rolling Stone magazine to issue an apology for publishing an article relying solely on the UVA student’s account–and the publisher of Dunham’s memoir to foot the accused man’s legal bills.

Coulter wondered why so many claims of rape – specifically those of college students – are ultimately proven false. She added that, even when accusers lose their credibility, many outlets use their false allegations as an excuse to perpetuate the leftist narrative that there is an “epidemic of rape going on on college campuses.”

According to Coulter, there is no evidence to back up that assertion.

“If we’re drowning in this epidemic of rape on college campuses,” she asked, “why are all of the cases they keep giving us hoaxes? Can’t they give us a real one?”

Instead of proving the ostensible widespread problem these cases are used to illustrate, Coulter concluded that “what it really illustrates is an epidemic of false claims of rape.”

She went on to tear apart the frequently repeated claim that “one in four or one in five women on college campuses” are raped, attributing the statistic to a flawed study.

Not only did researchers include “talking angrily to a woman” and other peripheral acts in their definition of rape, Coulter asserted; they also multiplied their results by 20 “on the grounds that women are in college two semesters per year, and plus most people take five years to graduate.”

Hannity asked if his guest was minimizing the brutality that actual rape victims experience, prompting her to insist that it is those who perpetuate such false statistics who are actually minimizing legitimate claims.

Coulter concluded by citing two studies that found rape allegations were proven false in 47 percent and 41 percent of all cases, respectively. These allegations, she lamented, have the capability of completely ruining a man’s future once he is saddled with the perception that he is a rapist.

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