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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Ya! The economy is doing just fine...and I saw a jackalope in my backyard.

The Netherlands Has Repatriated 122.5t Gold From US

More and more countries require the return of the United States of its reserves of precious metals. Someone can, someone - no

A Major International Monetary Crisis is Looming

The gold standard bandwagon is rolling

We're not economists, but it doesn't take one to see, when this happens, something is going on they do not want us to know...
The american debt been the major problem, and Canada with it's own, will fall with it.
The current government in Canada took a  healthy economy, 7 year average of almost 10 billion surplus, around 560 billion national debt, and turned it into no surplus, a deficit, surpassing the debt of 1993 when mulroney left office which was around 560, now at 650 billion,
And they claim to be good at managing our taxes, harper calls himself an economist?
They inherited a good economy and they screwed it up, isn't it amazing every time the conservatives are in power in this country, the economy goes bananas?

The Canadian government debt, commonly called the "public debt" or the "national debt", is the amount of money owed by the Government of Canada to holders of Canadian Treasury security. In 2013, this number stood at CAD$1.2 trillion across federal and provincial governments.

The American one is;
$18,055,745,321,000 Not counting, state, county, municipalities.

Add personal debt and it goes up even more in both countries....

But, it's ok, everything is fine. Go into the light....

Some can't even afford good food for their families, especially kids and the Elderly...
Recently went to grocery store, a small package of hamburger?   8 f*cking dollars.
I have even feed people, and I have financial difficulties...
And up north, even worse, a bag of milk, $16...
But all is well economically according to governments...?

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