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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Banning the word...feminist. Results are causing feminist and cat depression everywhere.

Time Magazine released its words people want ban poll asking people to vote for the word they dislike the most and feminist is winning by a mile.(can I get a giggety)

Well over 50% percent of respondents picked it so far and was still climbing before time took it off with pressure from the ol'hags.

Feminist has triple the votes of runner up, bae.

Just 3 percent of respondents currently want to ban the word bossy.(sorry what's your name)

We can safely say with assurance that banning feminism is winning because it is a negative, filled with lonely ol'hags suffering from an inferiority complex who go home to cats.

If time magazine would not have cowered to this small insignificant minority, feminist would have kept on going up.
As for the man-less ol'hags who complained and claimed victory in taking the word out of the poll...to late...everybody now knows your a losing group of cat loving refuse of a time gone by...
So, go home to your cats...or your manginas... and fade into the wind coming from an outhouse.

Feminist n'cat depression everywhere.


Anonymous said...


Poor cat's.


BlackWolf said...

Lol, a little comedy at the expense of clowns is always a good thing in the morning to get one going.