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Monday, November 3, 2014

Recent W5 report, Woman hires hit man but goes free.The nicole doucet ryan affair.

Is the media starting to get it? Only time will tell, but big thanks to CTV's W5 for this report and maybe even realising, they could be next.

Till death do us part...Full video...
I suggest  you watch the whole report...it shows how "some women" use the battered woman excuse to get revenge for a loveless marriage, and how they can easily get away with it, with the help of corrupt courts, women's shelters, even if a RCMP report shows differently.
It’s the plot of a seedy Hollywood thriller.
Nicole Ryan, a small town school teacher from Digby County, N.S, was desperate to escape a loveless marriage.
But rather than go for a divorce, she decided it would be more expedient to have her husband murdered.
So she hired a hit man to kill Mike Ryan for a cool $25,000.
However, the man simply took the money and bolted.
But that didn’t stop the woman, who appeared hell bent on murder. She kept shopping around the county for an assassin, and after two more failed attempts, she reeled in a trigger man. Or at least she thought he had.
Unfortunately for Nicole, and luckily for Mike, the would-be killer turned out to be an undercover RCMP officer posing as a gun for hire.
At a meeting outside a gas station in March 2008, Nicole tells him: “I need the job done. I need it done this weekend.”
The hitman asks about Mike Ryan’s new, 19-year-old girlfriend. “If she’s in the way, is that a problem?” Nicole shakes her head, no.
The undercover cop also asks: “Any beatings? Like did he beat you or anything? Every laid a hand on ya?”
Nicole responds: “No.”
Read more:

A precedent now exists whereby a woman caught hiring a hit man can be set free on the basis of unproven, apparently dubious, claims of domestic abuse.
The thing that bothers here is, many get away with this, doucet got away with it because she was a woman and the high court judged her to be a weak woman who had gone through to much and could not handle the situation so they let her go without sending the case back to a court of law...Make sense? Poor weak woman??? Really?
She hired a hit man, tried to hire another when the first left with the money, admitted there was no domestic violence made false accusations against an innocent man, and it is decided she went through enough? That is the legal system?
Here's a stupid question, "what if this would have been...a man?"

Anyway, there are many false accusations going around against men, many promoted by women's shelter and their organisation.
But a local one, was so ridiculous, so out of this world, so funny in it's own way, even a connotation of demonic behaviour(not kidding here) that the person falsely accused, decided to see it to the end to see how far they would go....
And with the most idiotic of accusations, they actually continued, not because they believed, but because they think they can do anything and get away with it....

And seeing the report above, it use to be like that and in some way still is, but the times are changing...
Mainly because those who make false accusation, can no longer hide behind courts or privacy, the internet and those who have had enough (men and women) of all this feminist and mangina sh*t, have had enough and fighting back.

Nicole Doucet Ryan is now infamous for what she did, maybe that is justice enough, but there are many more who are falsely accused who never get justice. Many false accusers who commit crimes and get away with it, at the expense of the innocent, (mostly men). Will we ever be able to stop this, not for the foreseeable future, because this is now well implanted, like a disease, in our surroundings thanks to feminist organisations, women's shelters, courts and all their f*cking manginas out there....
The only thing we can do is be on our guards and if we see an inkling of such behaviour....the answer is
RUN...and get the hell out of there...lol.
For the rest of us who have decided to point out those who have an inferiority complex, hate their lives and take it out on others...I.E. the lowly feminist and her mangina,
We have the internet and we will make you famous, after all, that is what you wanted wasn't it?

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