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Friday, November 21, 2014

Pushing back against the feminist bully

That’s it. Enough already. Enough. Enough. Enough. Whether we want to or not, we have to deal with our feminist bullying problem.

The attacks on scientist Matt Taylor are crazy. Enough already.

It’s time to stand up to the bullying

Rose Eveleth @roseveleth 
Thanks for ruining the cool comet landing for me assholes

Stop Apologizing

Standing up to feminist bullies helps women

Bullies are bad for everyone, actually

We need to say no to double standards

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It makes a whole lot of sense and it is comforting to realise, the majority of women see them for what they are...bullies.

In my experiences, this is exactly what I saw feminists in those who claim to be representative of women's rights...
In lanark county the local women's shelter staff and their supporters, like the Perth legal clinic used bullying tactics to try to destroy this site using anyone they could put their hands on. And when they where finished with the poor women they used, they simply threw them away. One even having no place to live after she was used by these cat loving ol'hags who have nothing but a black heart in their chest.
It is incredible how far they went to try to eliminate this site and demonize one of it's administrators. Unfortunately for them, they came up against someone who could not be bullied. 
They are too stupid and filled with hate to realise they never represented women, they represent hate and destruction, and as for their eunuch manginas, they too have no understanding of how useless they are or out of touch their bowing to these hags has become...
There is a big difference nowadays between someone who protect people's rights and the feminists who will use anyone, even little children to promote their dissatisfaction with their own lives. Some of the staff at this women's shelter are so lonely they have to put adds on dating sites...
They are unable to realise no man in his right mind, would associate with them or want them near.

There is no denying their attitudes toward men and women is destructive, I see no other way to describe them, I realised this when they used children to benefit themselves, even trying to say any woman who lives with a man is abusing her kids because he is in the home....
Promoting alternate lifestyles in the shelter by it's staff, instead of promoting survival and healthy relationships... 

Is it an ideology? I don't believe this any more, there is to much stupidity in their action, and to much hate, to resemble any kind of ideology, it is more likely, they had bad experiences in their lives and brought this with them and it evolved into pure hate for the male species. 
And they have to gull to call themselves...experts.

We have interviewed many residents from shelters and no woman in need as of yet said they where satisfied with the help or the staff, all where disgusted by what they experienced...
Of course those who went there for false reason where well treated, in other words, bitch about a man, make false claims and your the staff hero.

Most of us have daughters, or know of some and we can plainly see, feminism will not advance them in any way, it will only make them into permanent victims and hateful people, always looking over their shoulders for the rest of their lives, filled with doubt and resentment.
If we want to advance life and evolve into better human beings, we must rid ourselves of those who promote division and hate between the sexes. 
"When someone talks about you, chances are their lives isn't much to talk about", and that defines...feminism, especially lanark county feminism.

Be advise...we do not invent or post anything we cannot prove and or have experienced for ourselves. Everything we say is real and true. We might not receive a Pulitzer prize for writing but at least we are honest. Reading through the eyes of those who experienced this is in the least, better than reading it through some in the media who support such behaviour of hate and division, as in what the newspaper, aka; the Courier does.


Anonymous said...

The feminist's are being pounded on every front now.Their stupidity is becoming mainstream and people are really starting to notice that it is nothing more than a hate movement.


BlackWolf said...

Yes, and we must point to that reality every chance we get. Not to go back, but to go forward.