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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Murder suicide in Brockville Ontario, Woman kills daughter then self.

Ontario mother used scissors to kill daughter before committing suicide

BROCKVILLE, Ont. -- A mother used a pair of scissors to kill her five-year-old daughter in a murder-suicide in this eastern Ontario city.
The coroner's officer has confirmed the five-year-old girl's death was a homicide, while her 36-year-old mother died from "self-inflicted lacerations."
"Forensic Identification officers recovered a pair of scissors which were used causing both deaths," Police Chief Scott Fraser said.
Both the mother and daughter had been dead for several hours before officers were called to the apartment Thursday afternoon after the Upper Canada District School Board alerted police to the girl's absence at school.
Police have not identified the woman and her daughter, but neighbour Ron Carr said they were Monica Willemsen and her daughter Katrina.
He added Katrina would have turned six on Saturday.
"She had a birthday party planned," an emotional Carr said.
Carr, 57, was in shock and disbelief about the apparent method of their death.
"She seemed quite happy," Carr said of Monica. "It just doesn't make sense."
The mother and daughter moved into the apartment four years ago, Carr said, adding he had been friends with Monica well before that.
"It's a terrible thing," he said.
Fraser said it was too early to tell what motivated the murder-suicide.
When police got the call to check on the family's well-being, they had no indication of any suicide risk, the chief added.
"I'm sure (the) investigation will lead us to the answers we're looking for," Fraser said.

"Certainly this isn't something that anybody expected."
Question here is, how long will it take for the local cat loving feminists to somehow blame this on a man?

If someone wants to take their lives fine, but to take a child's life at the same time?
There is a special place for this child in the heavens, where she can play with other children, and never feel pain, hate or anger, where joy is constant and playtime is forever.
As for the other one, well, we all know where she's going....

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