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Monday, November 24, 2014

A personal thought on the battle of the sexes? Does it even exist?

Saw a tittle "are men winning the battle of the sexes".  It should have read, "are men winning the battle against feminists".
In my opinion, men never wanted or aspire to win the battle of the sexes, we love women and vice versa, and want each other at our sides. This has never been against women, it is against man-hating feminists who cause damages to men, women, families, relationships and children. Women can be who they want, working or stay at home, doesn't matter to us and they have our full support in their choices. We as men and women understand full well, a shirt some scientist wears does not demean women, it just does not fit into the argument at all...
Our goal is to make sure our daughters have to same opportunities as our sons, that's what were here for.
Feminism as it is know today is toxic in the least, and a hate group at the most. They achieve nothing and have had a free hand for long enough. Their ideas cannot advance anything, as a matter of fact, it has cause more damages recently than good. When you have young ladies been told that it's ok to dress like sluts or a couple of celebrities showing their boobs at an aids reception, we know someone is looking, either for attention, to promote themselves to the public or simple exhibitionism. Which is fine in a free society, but they are judged by their action and usually the most critical of their behaviour is not men, but their fellow women.

This dark behaviour by feminists giving the wrong advice to young ladies is mostly in the west, that's because our system has been infected by them and their manginas. Men with rubber for a back bone and both with an inferiority complex which they try to pass on to others. Yes we know, femen in Europe, but they are clowns, now treated like clowns and people love clowns.(sarcasm...lol)

This site was created and exists by the actions of local radical feminists. Their headquarters at the local shelter have done nothing for the community for quite a few years other than divide families, chase down rebellious teen girls to separate them from their parents and add them to their false statistics for funding purposes, promote false accusations to increase said statistics, on and on.
In a recent interview, we found out a woman who was at this shelter was told by it's staff to claim (lie) she had her children so she could have housing.  She did not have her kids, they where placed in foster care. Local housing authority did give her a home under the belief she had them. Taking it away from those who really need it....At the moment according to local residents, 2 women who do not have their kids, have 2 homes designated to poor families in need. Both came directly from a woman's shelter.
Another one claimed boyfriend stabbed her but now admitted to a neighbour she cut her arm on his belt buckle, he is still in jail. Got housing through shelter in question.

This shelter has a program for children, a couple from a neighbouring town claimed they had to pull their kids from the program because they came home one day, and confided to their parents that they where told; "when women live with men they abuse children because dad is in the house". If this is not man-hate then what is?

Many false accusations has come out of this shelter, supported and defended by the local legal aid clinic, which is also feminist controlled. As a matter of fact, we would have to say, the majority of claims coming out of that place of horrors are false. Many interviews, from women, have directed us to that conclusion.
Stories like "I can say anything and the staff will help me as long as I have a man charged" or "they love me there and will do anything for me". If someone wants to be put ahead of those in real need for housing and emergency help, they only have to claim "I am afraid for my life", then a bunch of women and staff shows up unexpectedly at the home, surprising the shit out of the male friend this woman was been helped by. Eventually, some of the women called back on this person to apologize when they realised who he was.(true story)

They have been known to use women and teens, to demonize good men, and when they are done, throw them out like used garbage. One who was used in such a manner had no place to live once they where done with her. To be honest, this one made so many false accusations during the years, that the results where predictable. If one is known to make continuous false accusations, even the family will be afraid of such a person, also the negative vibes one surrounds themselves with, eventually reflects one character.

Another mentioned she and her kid was treated badly because she refused to have a man charged.

I have mentioned on many times where I asked politely and diplomatically the director of the local shelter not to put my daughter on welfare because she had medical issues, explaining why she seemed rebellious, she was 6 months away from college, with a scholarship and a job offer, which I had worked hard to achieve, only to get a visit from her girlfriend from the local police. They eventually admitted all my correspondence to this person was...polite. So why this behaviour other than man'hate. The staff of this shelter even went as far as to "fake" a lock down of the shelter claiming I was coming over....Never been there, no plans to.
Her defenders had the balls to comment, this director does not hate men??? "REALLY"
This is why this site exists, no one has the right or the power to do this, but they do it anyway...Such is feminist respect for men and women I guess.

Did we see it as battle of the sexes, not for one minute, this was corruption, man hate, anti-parental and anti family; parents don't cares what gender someone with such a negative character is, we came to a conclusion the staff and director of this shelter suffers from an inferiority complex, a deep dislike for men and some women, bordering on pure hate...I mean, what the f*ck are we supposed to think?

Don't you have to have 2 opposing sides to have a battle?
Their battle is against men, we on the other hand do not battle women, and women do not battle us, we need each other to continue the species. We understand the logic of co-operating with one another to benefit our kids and ourselves. So where is the battle of the sexes under those condition.

This is not an ideology, what it is, is an effort to inject personal opinions and hatred on others. This does not help women and children in need because there is no effort to listen to the individual stories and figure out what and how to help them to become survivors instead of permanent victims.

Would those who make false accusations, either for custody, revenge, vendettas, or to be put on the top of an emergency list for housing do such things if they knew their stories would be investigated, not likely, so the blame falls directly on the shelter industry's behaviour and lack of respect for real victims when they openly support any accusations against men. Let's not kid ourselves, the reason they do not investigate is because any and all who go through their doors is put into statistics for next years funding.

This is what feminism is, as for not all of them are the same, if those who claim not to be and say nothing about others that do this kind of crap, well, that makes them the same in our book.

The battle of the sexes is their false claim, not ours, our battle is against man haters, cat lovers, those with an inferiority complex, ol'hags, femtards, feminazis, ol'spinsters, ol'manless maids with a chip on their shoulders, who will use men, women and children to advance whatever they personally believe, but caring human beings they are not.
Let them and their manginas have a battle of the sexes, the rest of us will expose who and what they are, and that is why they are screeching at idiocy like some rocket scientist's shirt....they have nothing left but the dark clouds over their heads.

Here is a titbit of reality; There is no battle of the sexes, how can there be such a battle when men and women work together against feminism?
The battle, if there is one, is to expose who and what they are and the radical notion that feminism and their manginas have a point to debate other than their dislike of traditional relationships, man, woman, fathers, mothers, stay at home moms, children so on.
And anyway, It is hard to debate someone who has the mentality of a monkey sitting in a cage throwing sh*t at you. So this site has taken a simple position;
We refuse to have an intellectual battle,
with an unarmed feminist and her mangina.

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Anonymous said...

Men and women are made to compliment each other.

Feminist's hate this and do their best to destroy every good thing between men and women.

Feminist's are good for the cat shelter population and not much,if anything else.