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Monday, November 10, 2014

How to create a paranoid society.

"Dear Parents: There was a man seen near the school bus stop this morning..."
Yikes, a MAN??? For real?
What business could he possibly have driving in a CAR near KIDS?

Mention this trend to any friend with school age kids and most will likely say they have seen it: A note from the school warning parents and children that there was a car, a stranger, or—worst of all—a van spotted near the bus stop. A reader, Kate, sent me a message about the note her son's school sent home with him. Kate lives in Canada, but the trend is strong in the U.S., too:
Today's alert was to let us know that the police were contacted "regarding a suspicious motor vehicle seen between 8:15 and 8:30 AM" near one of the schools this morning, a "white work van with an orange flashing style light on top that was not operative" operated by "a male approx. 50-60 years of age with a full white beard and wearing an orange construction style shirt and ball style hat.
Of course, there isn't enough detail included to explain what on earth is so suspicious about a work van driven by a workman in a small Canadian town on a Wednesday morning. Instead there are tips about setting up 'code words' with parents and kids and never going into strange places out of public view. 
These notes are not benign. By adding to the belief that our kids are in constant danger the minute they leave the house, they make it seem too risky to send kids outside unsupervised. That's how we end up with cops collaring moms who let their kids walk to the park or play outside. It is equated with negligence. After all, there was an unfamiliar car in the neighborhood! Here's the rest of Kate's letter about the note:
The local schools have this 'partnership' program with the local police where a notice is sent home with the schoolkids whenever the police receive a complaint that touches on a threat to one of the schools or to schoolkids. Mostly, what this means is that we get to hear about it every single time a kid reports that someone made them uncomfortable on their walk home and every time a local resident sees a 'suspicious' vehicle near one of the schools.
 Last year, I rolled my eyes at these notices and filed them in my recycling bin. But this year, I'm fed up. I'm fed up with hearing my kids and their friends talk about how strangers could have weapons or want to grab kids. I'm fed up with trying to explain to my neighbors why there's no danger at all to my 9-year-old son to bike the 1.2 km to his school—and that it won't be any more dangerous for their daughters to walk or bike the same distance at the same age.
It's hard enough to raise Free-Range Kids in a paranoid world without the school and police adding fuel to the fire.... So, I'm going to write to my kids' principal and the local police chief to ask whether it is really necessary to send reports home about every unsubstantiated complaint, considering these negative effects on the school community.
If they do feel it is necessary to send these reports, I want to insist that they include follow-up reports so that the community can see how many of these complaints are unsubstantiated or substantiated. I'd like to include statistics to reinforce the true likelihood of abduction or assault so I can compare the costs of this policy against the putative benefits.
Help me shed some sanity!

Let's all help. Let's follow Kate's lead and ask the local cops and schools to report when the suspicious man or van turns out to be absolutely nothing more than—surprise—a perfectly harmless man or van. And let's ask school principals why they feel compelled to spread fear based on nothing more than Spidey sense.

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Moms Fed Up with School 'Stranger Danger' Paranoia
Lenore Skenazy|Oct. 1, 2014 3:30 pm
Creating a paranoid society from the bottom up has it's benefits for governments who want total control and we are well on our way towards this type of suspicious culture. If were not there already.
Just take a look at what's happening lately, rape culture, stare rape if you happened to look at a woman, recently local dumb dumb, take back the night? From who? The boogie man? all men rape, teach men not to rape, (as if) and the latest, birth rape??? OK, if that's what you think, give birth on your own, without any help or with the medical personnel asking permission before every procedure...
We can never totally stop the bad or evil minded  individual human, but as a whole, society does not allow rape, actually reality shows 99% of people have a very bad reaction to rapists, even in jails. Parents would not send their daughters to college if 1 in 4 has a chance to get raped, looking at someone who is good looking is not stare rape it's a compliment, the majority of women do not get raped at night and can walk safely and getting the proper medical attention while giving birth is not birth rape.

There is many other instances which the weak minded and those with inferiority complexes have concentrated their efforts on, the post above clearly shows the path these people are trying to guide us and that is total paranoia towards each other. How many times have we heard, even around here, of some white or dark black van passing by with a man inside, close to a school. If this continues they will ask for a law preventing any male above the age of 18 anywhere near schools.
There was a time when, as a society we looked after each other, if your kids walked to school or down town, or anywhere, you knew someone would be there to look after themand if they weren't, then you would be.
But now, thanks to the paranoid, the inferiority complex weak person, the controller, they have totally eliminated your right to defend yourself and those around you, if you do take on someone who is causing harm to someone, you will be charged with assault.( What? according to them we should watch while calling 911??? That is what a mangina does not a real man) This new direction towards dependency on the state, provides them with the power to scare the shit out of anyone, then with the co-operation of the media, push for another law curtailing your right to defend your loved ones and you find yourself dependent on those who could never totally assure yours or your families safety. The more they make you dependent on them, the more laws they can push, then you find yourself under their total control.

We see this behaviour world wide, especially in the west. The media is telling us ISIS in the middle east is a danger to our freedom, yet no one is pointing out, 20 to 30 thousand fighters are no danger to any ones freedom, especially in the west. They should be honest and point out this is because of pipelines and oil based in Irbil Iraq, not the freedom of the Iraqi people They did this with Libya, look at it now, they are worse off than they were before. Was that their idea of freedom, make things worse, create more angry people who will join some other organisation when ISIS is gone. 
So, now we side with the saudis, u.a.e., and other gulf states, which are non democratic, totalitarian and treat their women worse than we treat our dogs...That's their idea of fighting for freedom??? Siding with those idiots??
Count the military of the so call coalition and you have over a million soldiers, thousands of fighter jets, thousands of special forces, against 20,000 isis fighters? If that? 
We have been at war since the early 1990's, the first Iraq conflict, no one has realise yet, this to be unending? This is now the third Iraqi war.
The real reason there are so many pissed off Arabs or Muslims is because we have been bombing the crap out of them since 1993, so now let's bomb the shit out of them some more??? This is their idea of making things safe??? They don't even know  what the f*ck they are talking about. Ya let's trust them...sure.

As long as they keep this controlled war going, they add more laws to protect us, thing is, the more protective laws pass, the more freedom we loose, that is what these laws have to do in order to be "protective", take one freedom at a time, and people willingly give them up, only when you add all these individual laws together is when you realise what we really lost. Give it time, and the internet is next.
They did this by using weak minded individuals with an inferiority complex and organisations who have no back bone of their own. (I.E. the feminists and manginas for instance)

It's easy if one has patience to scare the crap out of some people, go after their kids, make things worse off than they are and your in the drivers seat, the idea is, to be patient.
Bad man in a van close to a school, (poor guy is going to work), stay at home moms are slaves, stare rape? birth rape? rape culture? the war on women? Eventually graduating to ISIS, Russia, China, so on....
Jezz, what  next, little 3 eyed, four toed Martians coming to Earth for our women and children?

Creating a paranoid society does not make it stronger, it makes it weaker, looking over ones shoulder is not beneficial to anyone, a strong secure population on the other hand has a better chance at survival because of it's willingness to defend their rights than to depend on the few elitist to protect us all.

But, what do I know, let's all praise the great and powerful state while it's leader hides in the closet at the first sign of danger, they'll tells us what to do, through the media. 
"This is the 6 o'clock news 
and this is what we want you to believe".

We are well on our way to be totally controlled as a people by a few elitist and their small para-militaries, and we are just sitting there and asking for more, because we are afraid to defend freedom...
A nation whose children are raised in fear have no goals, such a nation cannot survive....

And by the way, the fools have weapons that can destroy...the whole planet. Eventually, fear will make them use them.

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