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Friday, November 28, 2014

How "stupid" have thing gone in this society? Well read this and let me know.

Police Charge 9-Year-Old Girl With ‘Battery’ For Allegedly Punching Her Sister

Police in Indianapolis, Indiana just arrested a 9-year-old girl for allegedly hitting her sister. The child was charged with battery after her mother thought that calling the police might help teach her daughter a lesson.
But instead of giving the girl a stern talking-to, and putting a good scare in her, officers determined that the correct course of action was to arrest the girl, and put her through the system.
The report filed by the arresting officer claims that the girl’s mother, Andrea Stumpf, “stated that her 9-year-old daughter punched her 6-year-old sister in the head.”

Mother filmed the incident, and when the police viewed the footage “the officer made the decision to arrest,” according to Officer Rafael Diaz from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Officer Diaz said that it is not unusual for police to arrest children that young.

“It happens. It seems like we spend a lot of our time dealing with juvenile issues,” Diaz claimed.

Rick Whitten, the executive director of Boys and Girls Clubs of Indianapolis, spoke with local reporters about keeping children out of the criminal justice system whenever possible.

“We know that the younger kids get involved in the juvenile justice system, the more likely they are to keep getting involved with the system,” he explained.

This is a good reminder to parents that you cannot use the police to teach your children lessons anymore. Police will not come and give your children a good scare, at best they will arrest them, and at worst, your child might end up dead.

The “Mayberry” years are gone.

Not much to say about this is there.....Other than WTF.
It use to be parents and police would work together to benefit kids, "If you don't obey your mom and dad, I'll throw you in jail with bad people" to scare them and help out parents with unruly kids.
And they wonder why people are turning against them...
The lesson...don't call the cops to teach your kids a lesson....

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