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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Girl 'coached by mother' to believe father rejected her

A 10-year-old-girl was "coached" by her mother into believing her father rejected her, a judge has ruled.

At a High Court hearing in London, Mrs Justice Parker said the youngster had been manipulated into believing her father did not want her.

The judge said the girl, who "ranted" about her father, should be removed from her mother's care.

Surrey County Council will take responsibility for the girl ahead of a hoped for reconciliation.

The unidentified youngster, who had been taken abroad in defiance of court orders, was "coached or persuaded" by her mother into believing her father did not care for her or want to see her, Mrs Justice Parker said.

The judge said the girl "ranted" about her father, who lives in England, but hoped short term care provided by social workers would facilitate the girl's return to her him.

The court heard the girl was likely to be resistant to being reunited with her father without the help of carers.

What to say about this other than...TELL US SOMETHING WE DON'T KNOW.
Me it was "your father is the devil".
One rejected it, one still believes it.
And who helped in this BS...yes local feminists.

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