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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Feminists up in arms, first men's centre in Toronto, Anti- abortion displays....Feminist frustration all around.

Was watching global's report on the men's centre recently opened in Toronto, was not surprise global went to feminists to ask about it...we all know how that went...lol.
and what did they think of this center?
“I think they work really hard to discredit the feminist movement and to kind of take back a lot of the gains that women have made,”, a feminist blogger in Toronto said in an interview Monday.
Controversial centre for men opens in Toronto amid criticism

It's not about taking back what women deserve you hag, we as men have daughters so your stupid argument is contradictory and irrelevant...
It's not about taking rights away from some and giving it to others either, it's about helping those who need help in the male population and that includes kids...since a lot of them are committing suicide. Of course feminists don't care about that issue. Plus, such a place for men would also help women, it's a fact that when men speak to other men about problems they have, it helps them to see alternatives...

As for discrediting the feminist movement, please, why the hell would anyone try to discredit a group who does a good job discrediting itself?
Men achieve power through rape
teach men not to rape(as if)
men drink beer and beat their wives during sporting events and at xmass time
men are dildos
I would like to see a man beaten to within an inch of his life
we must destroy the family
Feminism is the theory, lesbianism is the practice.
The simple fact is that every woman must be willing to be identified as a lesbian to be fully feminist.
In order to raise children with equality, we must take them away from families and communally raise them.
I could go on and on, but you get the point...

So you see, discrediting feminism, though a good endeavour for the next generation to live in an equal society, is not something anyone has to do, feminism is doing a great job on it's own.

Feminism is a discredited group who based their opinions on hate...hate for the male species and hate for anyone who take part in a life with them, and that includes the stay at home mom...

Nothing about this hate group points to helping anyone other than their own inferiority complex, and that is what's so sad about it, you have to have pity for someone who lives life with such a negative cloud over their heads...
No wonder they are so sexually frustrated, what man would want such a female....the only thing they can get is a neutered eunuch mangina...not very exiting for these poor females...lol.
Yes yes I know we are all "white male privileged racist asshole sexist misogynistic motherfuckers"  as the frustrated feminist goes on the rampage because someone is against...abortions...lol.
For her information a 12 week foetus is "NOT" a clump of cells. But of course she knows that, and that perfectly shows the misinformation feminists thrive on.
Here is more on this frustrated feminist..and how misinformed she is about everything, even freedom of speech.
Caught on Camera: Pro-Life Activists Confronted and Attacked by Woman

She does get arrested...
I got a movie title for this one...The return of the Neanderthals...Going backwards...Devolution of the human race.


Anonymous said...

Feminist="I am woman hear me whine!"


BlackWolf said...

Well put...