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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Feminism exposed.....A diamond ring and marriage proposal is...sexist...

Feminists Are Reeeeally Starting To Reach For Stuff To Be Outraged About Now.

Proposing marriage is sexist according to self-described feminist Meghan DeMaria, who wrote about "The latent sexism of the male marriage proposal" in her most recent column for The Week.
According to Meghan, the modern proposal is "obviously sexist." She offers historical information on the tradition of the engagement ring, and scoffs at how those rings have allowed men to "demonstrate their control over women."

Her arguments are based on the historical information she linked us with...From caveman to 1880...OK!

First, someone who lives in the past with it's weird and primitive customs which all thoughtful intelligent person would giggle at, let alone base their live according to it, definitely lives in a non-existent world and quoting that for an argument is a sign of an inferiority complex, which feminism and their manginas are known for...

Second, let's be realistic for a moment, we know feminists want to ultimate destruction of the traditional family, that's on record. But to say women of today, those who have moved with the times that is, not cat lovers, want, expect and love diamond rings because they want to be controlled and owned by men is totally of the charts... Men get those for their women not to show possession of said women but as a sign of respect and love for them..

Third, who possesses whom in that case, diamonds for that cat lover's information is not exactly something you buy at the local dollar store. It is extremely expensive and the man is found to pay for that little piece of glass for a very long time...That alone should show that he is willing to sacrifice many things to please his woman...and to show his love for her....That is living in this century, not in the time of the caveman, which by the way, there was never any proof that the string story is real...

As for the 20% of feminists and falling numbers because of their stupidity, 15% of them still secretly want a diamond ring but are afraid to say so, and the rest of the 5% are hateful females who are either not happy with the mangina they live with or the cat who is waiting for them at home.

What happened in the past is gone, that's why we call it the past, to relate that time with today's world of men and women relationships is by far idiotic. Buying or getting a diamond ring, is not a mark of slavery or possession of another human being, it has evolved to show love, respect and pride, it is the beginning of two people taking the path to family life....It shows the man's willingness to sacrifice for the woman....this is called honour, respect, love, which as we know most women want to see in a man.
"Correct me if I'm wrong but, It is also something women love to show their friends..lol."

In our world, the man gives bread, blanket, and had to make fire without matches before his marriage to a woman, in the old days, he had to do this in front of clan mothers, Elders and the brides family, to show he could take care of her and the family to come. This tradition is still happening in some circles today.
Bread to feed her, blanket to house her and fire to keep her warm.
Women owns the house, the kids and the land...
Not exactly a sign he was going to turn his woman into a possession. That's why native women and feminism do not mix for the majority of them.

The relationship between men and women has come a long way, whether it was at one time a show of possession, who knows, personally I wasn't there, most of us live in the today anyway. I also find controlling another human being to be abhorrent. We can achieve more by co-operating with each other in a relationship, when one is controlled by the other, that person's capability and gifts are lost and everything they could do to make life a better place in the home is curtailed. 
There is instances where either gender, men and women, can be controlling in a home, nowadays its the recipe for divorce, but for the rest of us, a diamond ring is not a sign of possession, in today's world it's a sign of love.

My guess is, feminists are against it because they didn't get one...lol.
The negative tone of those who thrive on division will always be there, the important thing is to expose such idiocy that comes out of their mouths and ask....
"Is this what you believe? Because they claim to speak for you".
And if women do not want diamond rings, say so, we will...oblige...after all, more money for us?(sarcasm)

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