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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Feminism; the Cult of Uglitude and Ugliness..

One thing you can be assured of, when it comes to those who claim to speak for feminism, the word ugly is not far behind in ones thoughts. First thing that directs one to that visualisation is their character and the BS they spew out there. According to them, it's a danger of biblical proportions to be a woman these days, but why do they think this way? Well it's usually, an inferiority complex based on jealousy.
If a woman is beautiful and self assures, claims "not" to be a feminist, then she can be sure she will be vilified one way or another and if one looks at who tries to ridicule her, one can find jealousy parked in that critics personality. And jealousy is usually because of an inferiority complex.

The latest pro-radical left feminist "men are all bad" endeavour is the video of the so called cat calls on some woman in New York. Women do not go through harassment every time she goes out as those "people" claim, and fortunately women of all ages are now repulsed by such claims and try to put the record straight.
Why I’m Not Buying That New York City Street Harassment Video
Now when you look at the video, they where compliments on how beautiful she looked, not cat calls, and that is "IF" the video was real at all, consider that a camera was in front of her while she is walking, the first thing you would ask yourself is what the hell is that all about, not so called, non-existent cat calls in front of it....
I have said on a few occasion, "you look nice", and I "always" get a thank you, I have never, let me repeat, never, got a bad look or a negative from paying a good looking lady a compliment.  Of course I have never paid such a compliment to a feminist, they are so few and far in between that it is rare to bump into one, and if I did, I would be able to recognize such a person by their chi or energy they put out anyway, you can see their negativity in their eyes.
As for the video above...

If you want a giggle...Man Wears Camera To Show The ‘Harassment’ He Endures Walking In NYC

You look at the radical left feminist and that person usually is no paris hilton, maybe that's the problem when it comes to them always demonizing the male species, the jealousy of not getting the attention they so badly want and desire. Maybe if they stopped been so hateful, especially about themselves and life in general, the visual would reflect their personality, but when one is hateful, the ugliness follows. We all know that when one live their lives on the negative all the time, human nature or something inside you guides you towards that person's real character, in other words, ugly character or spirit produces an ugly person.
There are some in the feminist world you would not want to meet in a dark alley, their anger, their negativity has changed their looks to produce one f*ck of an ugly person. And it's just not females, males also if they believe and promote things that do not exist and are always negative about life, something inside repulses you away as a a positive person.
One can even be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and still be considers ugly as sh*t, we all have something inside that repels us from those that live their lives on the negative side, if a person is lying, invents BS, vilifies, demonizes other all the time, it shows in their chi (aka; a person's energy).
If we are all a bag of meat and bones without the energy or spirit, then this is not for you, go pay your taxes, bow to your betters and die, that is what is waiting for you. But for those of us who have a better understanding of what life is, and what a human being represents, that we all have something inside us that is more than what you see, will understand full well what I am trying to say...
If you see the ugly and promote it, if your life is based on jealousy of others based on an inferiority complex...you are and always will be...an ugly person.
But if you see the potential of people to be good and caring, work for the betterment of those around you, offer the positive as a solution to life's problems instead of always seeing the negative, if you are sure of your place in life and offer honest and well thought out opinions without trying to hurt those you do not know, then you are not a feminist and a mangina, you are a human being, and the rewards are a positive life, capable of handling all problems that comes your way.

On a personal note;
Comparing the people I had to deal with, those who call themselves feminists of lanark county ontario; I found them to have such an ugliness about them, such negativity, that as one who knows who I am, it was easy to eventually define them as....very ugly people.
Their divisive nature, using teens and now kids, demonizing men, fathers, and yes, even women who have relationships with men(coming soon), shapes them into what they have created inside their characters and personal energy.
It is very easy to deal with such people once you know who they are, you cannot debate them, their dark reasoning is not able to listen to opposing and rational views. At first, I could not understand why they would not work with me as a parent to save my child's future, why they tried so hard, even to this day, to make me out what I was not.
Then it came to me, and since I am a rational person, and try to see the good in people first, it was harder for me to come to that conclusion;
these people who walk all their lives with a dark cloud over their heads cannot be reason with, they show an inferiority complex based on jealousy and no matter how hard, how diplomatic, how polite, there is no way I could ever reach such monstrous negativity, and once they chose that path...
They were nothing more than very ugly people.


Anonymous said...

U got a point there,shes walking with a camera in front of her,it has to be faked.

BlackWolf said...

ya that's what came to mind here also.