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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Drunk girl experiment, another feminist hoax demonizing men.

'Drunk girl in public' actress apologizes for role in viral hoax

It's all OK now, we are all a big happy family, since she has apologized...Right?
Until the time it was found to be an hoax and filled with actors, feminist sites jumped on this pointing out how bad men where and what a bunch of horn dogs we all are....
Reality is, if a drunk woman walks the street, men would not allow her to be abused or used...most likely men and women would make sure she would be safe and make it home, some would even call 911 to help such a person...
But feminists and their inferiority complex will blindly use any situation to make men out to be nasty, even an hoax...
This was not a useless experiment, on the contrary, it was a very useful one, it showed the true colours of...feminism.

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