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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dealing with comments and requests....Also, Accepting responsibility for one's own words.

HNM has left a new comment on your post "Feminists and manginas, showing their true colours...":

I have no way to contact you apart from this. But the bottom most picture is a photoshopped picture of me. Please remove it since it has been placed here without my consent. This is a great privacy concern and copyright infringement. Please take this iff asap and oblige.

Posted by HNM to The Native Canadians at 11/18/2014

When we did search for the picture in question, we easily found many reference to it. As in this one for instance,
We get many comments, usually through the email, we might not answer all, or even point them out but we do read all.
We even make fun of the silly ones.
For example;
A few local radical feminists(STAFF OF THE LOCAL SHELTER) came to the defence of the director of the local woman's shelter and feminist extraordinaire, lol,(and that is their right), saying she was not a man-hater and we where promoting hate...no surprise there..How the h*ll does one promote hate by been honest, you tell me.
As we have said before, we do not put up posts we cannot prove...
When someone say this, what are we supposed to think???...
Men achieve power through rape.
Men buy beer and beat their loved ones during sporting events and xmas time with the help of the lcbo.
Teach men not to rape (We know many men, no rapist anywhere)
Dubious statistics on DV supposedly committed by men.
On and on.. we did not invent this, it's her own words and we have linked them to the pages which quoted her.
When we see such reference to the male gender as rapists, we just come to a conclusion that the person in question does not like...men. Life is relatively simple, if you say something you must be held responsible for it...
We just quoted what was said.
This is what we do, expose what is said, what is done and who is responsible for it.
And we stand by it....

We looked at the picture in question, it's pixels and surrounding lines and did not find anything that would show it to be Photoshop as they have claimed.
Also, this picture is all over the web, so the odds of this specific person finding this specific site and the specific post amongst thousands is small.
So, who really sent this comment? ( We can assume). And if by a miracle, it is from this specific person, I would suggest she demands the picture be deleted from the sites that have a link or a description attached to it first...

This is the web, yes, some sites are based on disputed posts, most are not, they are well put together, well researched and majority are honest about their experiences or their thoughts. Here at the TNC, we hold responsible people whose words preach division, anti-family ideology, anti-male rhetoric, even anti-woman-stay at home mom BS, or simple idiotic expressions targeting a segment of the circle of life.
We recognize no position of power...

The stare rape issue is by all means, irrational, and there are many feminists who refer to it online. Yes, there are those who will look at a woman sexually, but the majority of men do not. We fully respect women and to judge all for the act of a few is idiotic. It alienates support and pushes away the very group who ensure freedom to say such stupid things. If a man does look at a woman, maybe it's just because she looks so fine, that's a frigging compliment, not an insult for God's sakes. Correct me if I'm wrong but women look at men also, is that stare rape?

If you want to associate yourselves with feminism and the inferiority complex they have against the sons, husbands, brothers of women, be sure you will be ridiculed for it. By both gender.

As for the picture in question, we will take it down if proof of it been photoshopped is shown...
till then, it stays up.
Don't want to be made a fool of, don't say foolish things...it's not up to us, it's up to the person making ridiculous unsubstantiated false statements and accusations.

There are many problems with the world right now, and stare rape, feminists with an inferiority complex about men, should not even be on the horizon.
If feminists are so adamant about protecting women's rights, go somewhere you are really needed, like the gulf states for instance, where they treat their women worse than we treat our pets...
See how that works out for you...
You do this, you will have all the exposure and recognition you want from TNC.

NOTE; If anything we post is found to be untrue, we welcome anyone's opinions on it... we will look into it and if you are right we will gladly take it off, till then, you say something hateful, divisive, stupid, idiotic or ridiculous, we will make you famous for it. Simple.
Our email is in our bio, (or the about link) and we will respond to all mature and honest discussion, be aware though...any screeching banshee cat loving comments will be ignored. lol.

Have a nice day....


Anonymous said...

Why would she want it taken down?

Is she embarrassed?

She should be happy her message of stupidity is getting out to the world.

Is this not what she wanted when she posed for the pic?


BlackWolf said...

If it is her who made that comment, we have had comment from local feminists passing themselves off as someone else..lol.

Dad in Almonte said...

I wouldn't doubt one moment that came from carlton place.

BlackWolf said...

Ya I had the same idea.