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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

CNN caught; a propaganda station. Christiane Amanpour’s Interview with RT Host

Here’s the edited interview that ended up airing on CNN:

This is what they left out...(the most trusted name in news...lol)
NAOUAI: …It’s an absurd question coming from someone that’s propagated the line of the State Department for over 15 years. I mean, it’s absolutely absurd.

AMANPOUR: Well, are you talking to me?

NAOUAI: Yes. Absolutely I’m talking to you. Who else would I be talking to?

AMANPOUR: Are you talking to me?

NAOUAI: Absolutely.

AMANPOUR: You’ve got to be kidding me.

NAOUAI: You’ve propagated the line of the State Department for over 15 years, starting with Yugoslavia and all the way into Syria. And now you’re doing it for Ukraine, essentially. Absolutely, I’m talking to you.

AMANPOUR: Oh, my goodness. Have you seen any of my reports about Syria? Have you seen any of my reports about Syria?

NAOUAI: I’ve seen lots of your reports and in not one report where you find you questioning the United States government and their policy. And we, with our Russian propaganda, question those arms to the FSA, question those arms to al-Nusra and other leagues. And now today we have ISIS.
Now watch the full, uncut video of Naouai’s side of the interview

Anissa Naouai takes on CNN

CNN, the propaganda station.

Cnn or the western media does not have the right to cut out interviews to push propaganda...Amanpour is known to ask loaded questions and so is wolf blitzer, every time they ask a question notice they try to divert the answer by putting their opinions into the question. Guiding it to what they tell us to believe.
Cnn, known for propaganda, has claimed the right to decide what we should see of not....
You don't have to take sides to be disgusted at this type of news media. It is pure and simple...propaganda.
Josef Goebells would be proud.
Glad to see someone is calling them on it, even if it is RT.
Not taking sides, it's about pointing out how the western media is as guilty as anyone in their attempt to control what they judge what we should know. WTF, they think we are all sheeples???

Propaganda is the first sign of an elite trying to protect their power, financial or otherwise, it is also a sign that things are not as secure in a system as they would like us to believe.

Cnn is not the only one,
We have the CBC, CTV, GLOBAL and on over here....(Here is the 6 o'clock news and this is what we want you to believe)
Readers Comments Show anti-Putin Propaganda Not Working
The incident immediately became headline news around the world as journalists for all the major media heaped praise on Harper for courageously “shirt-fronting” the dastardly Putin. What was left out in the media’s account of the exchange, was Putin’s crisp retort, which was, “Unfortunately it is impossible, (for us to leave Ukraine) because we are not there.”

Touché. As you might expect, Putin’s response did not fit with the media’s narrative, so it was scrubbed from the coverage altogether.

The Harper incident was a particularly big deal in Canada where all the newspapers ran gushing articles lauding the prime minister for his righteousness and fortitude. Oddly enough, however, only a small percentage of the people who commented on the dust-up, saw Harper as the hero. Here’s a few samples of what ordinary people had to say.

This is from BobsOpinion:
“Harper embarrasses Canadians again on the international stage. It will take years for Canadians to re-build our international relationships and to re-build our reputation.”

This comment is from redondex:
“Harper made a childish and baseless remark to Putin and walked off with a grin of a proud five year old spoilt kid. All Harper achieved was to ridicule himself in front of the rest of the world. That is our leaders usual behavior.”

This is from Makman1:
“I was under the impression that a proper democracy would first use negotiating as a way to understand the divergent groups involved in the Ukrainian revolution and then apply a political solution, if possible. The present Ukrainian government immediately used force. PERIOD! The Harper government, instead of using its “influence” to attempt to defuse a complex situation blindly followed the actions of the USA. If Harper really cared at all he would ask his foreign minister to get directly involved with Russian and Ukrainian counterparts and help reach a compromise…. Hopefully, Harper is not supporting Ukrainian right wing fascists?”

This is from Jörð:
“It’s not wise for Harper to follow America’s lead on every foreign policy. The USA government has a terrible track record when it comes to getting things right in foreign lands. Also Putin was correct when he responded to Harper’s comment by saying “It’s impossible, we are not there.” Technically Russia is not “In” the Ukraine.”

This is Time4Change:
“This is another example of Harper BLUSTERING backed with NO SUBSTANCE! Why are there NO SANCTIONS on the Russian Energy Giants Rosneft and Rostec? Could it be the hundreds of billions of $s the Russians have invested in the tar sands have caused Harper to be the SOFTEST on ACTIONS while shouting the loudest.”

And this is from Mt Athabaska:
 …one day Harper will reach puberty on global affairs.”

The media is increasingly worried that it’s losing its ability to persuade people to support policies that only serve the interests of elites. The media has rolled out all the heavy artillery in its campaign to demonize Putin, but the strategy hasn’t worked. In fact, it’s backfired quite badly leading some publications to cancel their comments section altogether.

And the response from readers has been huge too, mainly because the standoff between two nuclear-armed adversaries has galvanized the public's’ attention. For example, in the CBC article I cited above, more than 2,500 comments have been posted already, while many of the other articles on Ukraine or Putin have exceeded 6,000 comments. This just shows how closely people are following events and how passionate they feel about the policy.

And, as we said earlier, this isn’t just a Canadian phenom either. For example, here are a few of the comments I picked up from an article in the conservative UK Telegraph in an article titled Global economy to suffer as Putin quits G20 early.
(Go to site read the comments)
Be aware, no longer take what they say on the news as fact, they do preach the line the state does...research after you are interested in a story, even go to the other side, to listen to their views, like RT, or cctv, make up your own mind, otherwise your nothing but a sheep and they will control what you do, think and say.

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